Thursday, October 10, 2013

On The Far Horizon

Wool Hat
Leather Vest (thrifted)
H&M Sweater (thrifted)
Skirt (no label, gift from a friend cleaning out her closet)
Rampage Boots

I've meant to take pictures all summer down here on the flats and somehow just never got around to doing it.  It's not very far from our house but it looks like a whole different world, it reminds me very much of the mud flats around Seward and out on the Knik Goose Bay Arm by Wasilla.  This is actually where we go shooting, it's a popular spot for either bringing old TVs to meet their doom or to shoot skeet.  It's also fun for the kids when no one is shooting, there broad expanses of sand to play in and it's fairly safe as long as you stay away from the river.   Heh, as you can see, people apparently like to burn cars down here as well, it's quite the graveyard!    I am sorry about all of the pictures, it was such a fun place to shoot pictures that it was hard to really narrow it down.

A friend cleaned out her closet a while back and gave me a box of clothes to pick from, I ended up taking this skirt and a tank top and then passed it along to some other friends while adding a few things from my closet to the box.    The skirt has killer movement and while I dont wear a lot of really bright colors, I do love a sunny yellow.  Nice for those sunless days that are coming up soon!


  1. Oh wow, that skirt is glorious! It looks great blowing about the in the wind, and I like that you combined the bright yellow with grey-based neutrals. Really cool location, too. It kinda reminds me of this place around where I live called the Albany Bulb, where there's a bunch of concrete and left-over construction stuff. Graffiti artists go wild there.

  2. Beautiful skirt - the color glows against the flats and the way it moves is gorgeous. I like how you juxtaposed its floaty brightness with the leather vest and cozy sweater.

  3. Oh my word Katie, this yellow skirt is marvelous! The way it whips in the wind....sigh. You look like a heroine from a movie or something. I love these photos too! Another gorgeous location to get pictures at :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I don't know how you do it! Even though we're basically the same height you make a maxi skirt look amazing whereas I feel like on me they just overwhelm me. And the movement that skirt has just looks so romantic in the wind. Perfect for photos.


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