Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nothing But Wasteful Memories

Handmade Coat (thrifted)
Vest (thrifted)
Kirra Lace Dress
Seychelles Boots

Where the gray cardigan was a thrifting mistake, this baggy coat was not.  It's handmade and although there's little shape to it, I love the wide sleeves and the pattern.   I've never gotten pictures of it before(lazy) but most of the time I wear it with jeans, however it looks just as nice over a dress.

It's getting pretty frosty in the mornings now, we've got almost an inch of ice on the pond.  There's some snow showers in the forecast but hey, I'm cool with it holding off.  Frosty grass looks nifty in pictures.


  1. That handmade coat is PERFECT. What a find!

  2. I love this outfit! And that thrifted vest is awesome!

  3. I love how you paired the coat with that green vest and skirt! It is nice to have a piece that you could either wear with a more girlish ensemble, or just wear pants. Versatile!
    This morning it was so foggy outside, I was worried this was it! But no! Not yet! Haha


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