Friday, October 11, 2013

Luck of the Draw

Old Navy Coat
American Eagle Outfitters Cardigan (thrifted)
Gap Blouse (thrifted)
Rewash Jeans
Dooney and Burke Bag (thrifted)
Green Amethyst and Gold Earrings
Knit Cap
Tory Burch Flats (gift)

Right before she headed back down to Colorado for the winter, my grandma gave me a big bag full of thrifted clothes she's brought up at the start of the summer. (You can see where I get my thrifting genes from) In the bag was this amazing pair of flats, the very pair that I'd been looking on ebay for.  I've been trying to decided between these flats or a pair of green Cynthia Vincent flats as I wear flats a lot and after wearing my leather Gap flats into the ground this summer, I wanted to buy a high quality pair that would last and look nice.    When I look for clothes I don't tend to talk about whats on my shopping list because who wants to hear someone going on and on about what they want to buy and why?  Not most people.  So it really shocked me to see these shoes as I hadn't told anyone I was looking at them.  All I can say is Thank you Grandma, you mind reader you.  


  1. That is so awesome how she got the flats that you were eyeing! So cool :)
    I love how classy you always look. So pulled together and chic! This trench, the beanie, the cool flats...I just really enjoy your looks :)
    And thanks, haha, yeah, Mr. Scruffy is much more appealing than the creepy cowboy! Sooo much better

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Nice coat!


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