Monday, October 7, 2013

It's My Nature I Guess

Wool Hat
Icing Scarf
American Eagle Sweater
Jeans (thrifted, no brand)
Vintage Leather Coat (gift from my grandma)
Vintage Leather Bag (thrifted)
Vintage Leather Boots (gift from my other grandma)

I feel pretty lucky that my grandma took such amazing care of their clothes and eventually passed some of them down to me, I love vintage leather just because it wears so well and acquires so much personality. (Not Patent leather though, that just gets worse looking with age it seems like.)   Even though we all have different style and personalities, the one thing we all share is a love for horses and we enjoy a western equestrian element in our outfits.  My one grandmother broke horses for her father's logging team and worked a farm, my other grandmother owned a ranch in Colorado and later mined gold in Alaska and I've worked at and run barns my entire life so we all have a respect for the "working" aspect of horsemanship and I think sometimes that comes through on what garments we enjoy wearing.

Ah, that was rambling.  Maybe I'll just say that I really like The Man From Snowy River and I like channeling that sort of look from time to time.  It fits with my lifestyle and working around the horses.  I think that sometimes makes me an oddball as a style blogger, I don't have to wear clothes to an office environment, I'm not terribly trendy or dress in vintage aside from leather garments but at the same time I do have days where I like the wear dresses and stuff that isn't terribly practical.    The blogging world does have it's niches and sometimes I'm not really sure where I fit in.  

Jezz, who knew this post would turn all reflective and stuff?   It must be the lack of caffeine, I ran out off coffee filters this morning.  It's a tragic, tragic thing, no morning coffee.


  1. You may not "look" like the typical style blogger, but I think that's why we love you! You have such a unique perspective on fashion considering where you live and your life style that helps you stand out from the crowd.

  2. I love that zebra scarf and the grey felt hat--as well as the contemplative introspection :)

  3. I knew someone who substituted toilet paper when she couldn't locate the coffee filter's at a guest's home. LOL.

  4. I think that looking typical would in many ways defeat the point of style blogging. I think it's a format that celbrates difference. We're looking for inspiration and something different from the magazines, getting to know real people. That's what I'm doing anyway. I think you have great style, plus that is an awesome hat :D


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