Friday, October 25, 2013

Don't Rock The Boat

American Eagle Outfitters Hat and Boots
Forever 21 Dress (thrifted)
American Rag Vest (thrifted)
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Silver Ring

After looking through Pintrest I've come to a realization.  You can not be a bohemian chick and have short hair.  It just isn't done.


  1. I love how you've styled this dress! The vest looks so great with it and I love your hat too. I think you're pulling off the bohemian vibe of that dress just fine with your cute short hair!

  2. Lol yes you can! You're proving that with your superb bohemian styling with this maxi dress - which, by the way, I'm OBSESSED with! Long sleeves, long hem, and a sexy slit peeking through? I love it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. You look like a wild bohemian creature of the forest! Short hair or long hair... doesn't matter! Bohemian style is all about doing your own thing because you like it, and not caring what other people think!

  4. What? You're just starting a new trend! Short haired boho!

  5. Hahaha, yeah, bohemian chicks have like one meter long goldilocks, with braids and feathers up their as..I mean, hair...Anywho, man, this dress is priceless!!! :D

  6. that hat is so nice! and Rebekah Bradford is right, you're starting a new trend. you can make it happen. :d

  7. Oh my goshhh! You look so elegant

  8. You could trailblaze and be the first?


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