Thursday, September 19, 2013

White Like Bones

Okld Navy Jacket
Gap Shirt (thrifted)
Rewash Jeans
Mia2 Loafers (thrifted)
Coach Backpack (thrifted)
J.D Hook Silk Scarf (thrifted)

I just got this jacket but I've been really pleased with it and it's been a great addition to my closet.  It was purchased originally to replace another jacket I'd broken and I think I like it more than the original, the length works well with jeans or skirts and it fits nicely through the shoulder.  (I usually have trouble with that, I have broad shoulders so the seams can be off on quite a few jackets or when I find one that fits in the shoulders, it's way too big in the arms and every where else.  So it's a nice change when I find one that fits right off the rack.)

In other news, it's been busy as usually.  Stuff is suppose to slow down in October so I'm really looking forward to that, we still have a bunch of work to do on the house before winter hits.  What's new with you guys?


  1. I am really digging your outfits lately! You see so comfortable in them and they just fit with your short hair. It's like you got a style make-over when you chopped your hair. You just seem to naturally know what to wear to make you look both tomboyish and like a statuesque model!

  2. I am really digging this print mix! The striped top is a perfect staple piece, and your fun scarf is lovely.
    I'm hoping things slow down soon too, but I doubt anything will. School and work is a CRAZY combination...

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. This jacket really is awesome. It looks like it'd be so versatile. I love how it looks with this simple jeans and t-shirt combination. I also really love how your striped shirt looks with the pattern on your scarf.


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