Monday, September 30, 2013

Slouchy Slouch

Knit Cap
Old Navy Sweater
Aerostale Waxed Jeans
Jack by B.B.Dakota Jacket
Fred Meyer Scarf
Leather Boots c/o H&M

I normally only buy clothing for myself out of my money that I earn and set aside for my clothing budget, I feel guilty otherwise spending money that I didn't earn on frivolous things.  Evan bought this sweater for me the other day though which was sweet of him, I make a cheap date I suppose because this sweater and a pair of tights was all I could find at Old Navy that I loved.  Well, that was a cute fit and flair skirt that I loved but even the smallest size was too big.  That's a little  crazy seeing as I'm not some dainty little ballerina, if I'm sizing out of Old Navy I can only imagine what's happening to other people.  It's wonderful to have a broad spectrum of sizes but it seems like vanity sizing has just gotten out of control, what's wrong with offering sizes at what they should be?  I suppose it might be more expensive to offer sizes 24 through 0 seeing how much it's costs to redo the patterns for each size but it seems a bit lacking to just offer small through extra large with little difference between the sizes and expect that to just work.

I'm embarrassed that I got these jeans from Areostale seeing as it is SUCH a teen store and I am way out of that demographic but I love my waxed denim that I got last winter from AEO and the J.Brand pair I got this past spring so yeah, a 70% off sign and waxed denim was all it took for me.  I really am a cheap sell out. (But at least I won't wear a hole in my J.Brand pair now.)


  1. You look so pretty in this outfit! And yeah, Old Navy sizes are weird. I barely fit an x-small there...and I'm like size 6 normally.


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