Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Say Goodbye

Jacket (thrifted)
Gap Plaid Shirt (thrifted)
J.Brand Pants (ebay)
Old Navy Wedges
Dooney and Burke Leather Bag (thrifted)
Knit Cap

I've caught a glimpse of this house a few time from the road, it's almost completely fallen down and from what gossip I've gathered, the owners abandoned it and the property years ago.  I've wanted to take pictures by it for a while but never quite had on the appropriate outfit to go tromping through the thick brush to get to it. (And I'm sure wedge boots don't count as appropriate gear but hey, I'm a mountain goat.)  I grew up on a small peninsula out around Trail Lake and across from us was "the fifty acres" which was as you might have guessed, was fifty acres along the lake and some of the creepiest, run down houses ever along it's back road.  We'd go snow machining in the winter during the dark nights along there and it always gave me goose bumps to see the eerie cabins show up in our head-lights.  It was a bit of a spooky area though, the land right next to us had a burned down house and was abandoned as well, as kids we'd hike all over the area and we freaked out one day over finding three graves in the woods near that house.  It'd turned out that all three people in the family had died when the house had burned down.  We had to walk past that house every morning in the dark to get to the school bus stop and after learning the back story and finding the graves, we all started
running past it.   Pretty chicken looking back on it now but that kind of stuff just freaks you out as a kid.


  1. you have such a perfect combinations and great pictures and I really love your new haistyle :)

  2. well, those stories indeed sound scary and it's only normal you were freaked out a bit as a kid. graves, dead bodies, a fire... doesn't sound like a good time at all for a kid, haha. anyway, I have to say abandoned places attract me as well and I and my fiance have found some pretty amazing goodies from places like that. unfortunately stupid Estonian teenagers and other stupid persons love destroying things that are abandoned..
    anyway, I admire your leather jacket collection, bags' collection and shoe collection, Katie! all those things are always completely awesome, especially when they're thrifted.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. That does sound pretty creepy, and the way I think, I can scare myself thinking too much while out in the dark...ugh. Haha, I don't do too well with horror movies :b
    Look at those leaves! Everything looks so lovely and fall-like where you're at!
    Love your wedges (haha you mountain goat you) and the leather jacket <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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