Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Like Seeds in The Wind

J.Crew Wool Coat (thrifted)
Old Navy Button Down
Jessica Simpson Jeans (thrifted)
Gap Leather Flats (thrifted)
Leather Duffle (thrifted)

I thrifted this coat this summer and it finally got cool enough to wear this morning.  I had a red wool coat from Old Navy years ago and I've been on the look out for a new one, I love a natural colored wool coat but it's hard to beat a red one, it's dark enough all winter without adding in black and camel colored coats.  (Plus, this coat fits like it was tailored for me, I can pretty much never find a jacket that fits through the should and then the waist, usually the torso of the jacket is way to long for me.  I guess I should have started looking for petite sizes long ago....)  This little section of road is right in the middle of the road construction that's been such a pain all summer, it's starting to look really gorgeous through the little valley and with construction closed for the night, I pulled off to take some quick pictures of the Fireweed going to seed.  (It's my favorite flower, the colors are so vibrant and when you drive out of Anchorage and through the pass, the mountain sides are covered in them and it's a breath-taking sight.)

It's been really busy lately but today was a cool day in spite of the craziness.  I meet a young woman about my age from Japan and we ended up having a really fascinating conversation.  One thing I've always really loved about working with tourists is the variety of people you meet.  This year I've gotten to talk to so many amazing horse people, from dressage trainers and vets from Britain to Quarter Horse Judges and then the past few weeks I've got to meet some really lovely folks from Japan.  It was really touching to have such an in depth conversation with someone not from my country and to realize how much we had in common as young women.  Right before she left she gave me a small towel with a cartoon character and I exclaimed, "it's Totoro!" She was so thrilled that I knew who Totoro was and it was so incredibly sweet of her to make such a kind and genuine gesture that I almost ended up crying.  It's just really cool to make connections like that with people, even if it's only for a moment.  


  1. hey, Katie! long time no see. but hey, I guess life's just busy like that. my vacation will soon end and yesterday I got a little additional job offer which I will check out tomorrow. life has been quite exciting overall. I hope yours too! and that conversation you had with the girl.. I agree, it's so wonderful when you meet people who are just like your soulmates or something, you can talk about things and all that talk inspires you, makes you happy and moves you.
    oh and your red coat (so PLL, haha) sure is beautiful. and I once again have to mention how Carey Mulligan'ish you look in some of those photos. it's incredible!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. That's so awesome that you've gotten to talk with so many different people! So sweet that she gave you that towel. Haha, those small connections are the best :)
    Love your classic coat! The red color is perfect

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I love a brightly colored wool coat. It just adds such a fun pop to any outfit it's thrown over. Your red one was a wonderful find! It really makes me wish I had a red jacket. Plus I'm incredibly jealous that it's cool enough for you to wear a coat!

  4. I feel like I always say this but that is an amazing thrift store find!! I also really like the denim on denim with the pop of red. I think I'm going to recreate this outfit if I ever find the perfect red blazer!

  5. you look like a british mod, really love that look!

  6. oh i completely agree! how special to find those connections. :)


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