Saturday, September 28, 2013


Old Navy Coat
J.Crew Blazer (thrifted)
George Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Joie Silk Skirt (ebay)
Vintage Leather Boots from my Grandma

Today I present the latest in trendy head-wear!  You know ho wearing your coat over your shoulders is totally a thing and not douche-y at all?  Well this is the newest take, wearing your coat on you head, it's even cooler if you can makes the sleeves look like demented bunny ears and you get serious points for managing to walk, keep the coat in place and not use your hands.   Yeah, I can so see this taking off.....

Or you know, I could just wear a hat although I'm not really sure if that's cool or trendy enough for a FASHUN blog.


  1. That coat is so pretty :) And haha, I love the coat on your head! Although it reminded me more of a twi'lek from star wars than a bunny :p

  2. Great look ;)

  3. I love the last photo! and gosh I just can't believe the weather you have there. so winter-y! looks freezing. but also it's a wonderful reason to layer like a pro, right? because that's exactly what you've done here. your coat looks super cosy and soft and that classy little bag is great too. and your granny's boots, wow, that's pretty awesome!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. So cozy and cute! I can't believe how cold it already is there. I love the coat head picture. Why not? haha
    That coat is so perfect and classic. Makes me wish I had one like it. I love how it looks with the plaid scarf and cozy sweater.

  5. Hehe, the sarcasm is making me giggle...yup, I can totally see this trend taking off ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Hahah!! :D Awesome idea about the hat coat, gonna try it out when it gets -74938590 degrees in here :D

    Your photos are getting more and more pretty and professional! These ones are extremely gorgeous. Love the scarf! ^_^

  7. The sight of snow is giving me chills right now. I love autumn, but I hate that it leads to winter. I don't want to think about it yet! haha. I love this outfit, though. It looks so warm and it's perfect in the woodsy scenery.


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