Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Way cooler In My Head

J.Crew Jacket (thrifted)
Banana Republic Silk Blouse
Riding Pants
Madden Girl Boots
Horse shoe Pin (thrifted)

Someone asked me if "I ride horses or something" today.  I think he was trying to make fun of me so it was just a teeny bit satisfying to answer "yes, I do ride horses or something."  (Granted, I added the "or something" in my head.  I'm way more of a smart ass there than I am in real life.)  These are my actual riding pants along I do usually wear my Old Navy jeans if I'm wearing chaps that day.  These are probably my favorite pair of boots ever but as you can see, they've about been worn into the ground.  Steve Madden did this style again last year in leather and I really wish I'd gotten them, these boots have held up well for being pleather but leather has way more durability.  I think that's the big ticket item I'm saving up
for this winter, a good pair of leather riding boots.  Well, the Rag and Bone Harrow booties are still on my list, I've been saving up small parts of my checks for them and since they're usually on ebay for about $150 less than retail, I'm hoping to find a pair of those as well.  I've checked out a few similar(and cheaper) versions of them and none of them have really been
quite what I wanted.

Looking at the pictures, I'm embarrassed that I apparently can't figure out how to get dry shampoo out. (Or apply it correct.)  Sorry about that folks.


  1. Haha, that would've been an awesome feeling to just be like "Yeah, that's right, I ride horses." You justify wearing riding pants for sure! Plus, riding boots :)

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