Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hold On

Old Navy Coat (old)
J.Crew Button Up (thrifted)
American Eagfle Lace Skirt
MIA2 Loafers (thrifted)
Dooney and Burke Bag (thrifted)

Our little Jack Russel really loves to swim, really loves it but he's a very weak swimmer. (He's older, small and he swims with his mouth wide open so not really a great combination of factors.)  Because of this when we throw sticks for him to fetch out of the pond, we only throw them maybe two feet from shore so he doesn't have to swim too far but still has a little fun.  Yesterday we were throwing some little sticks for him and he was doing okay until he got disorientated and starting swimming along side the shore, we kept trying to get him to come back in but he just continued.  He was getting weaker and I could see him struggling when he turned around and started swimming for the other side of the pond, about 25 feet away.  By this I reached him, he'd gone limp and was floating just under the surface.  I pulled him ashore and started doing CPR on him.  It was some of the worst moments of my life, trying to do chest compression and breathing in while his little body lay completely limp, not breathing.  All I could think was oh my god, I just watched my little dog that's been our best friend and companion for 13 years die.  

I'm really happy to save he ended up coming back, after doing CPR for what seemed like years he started breathing again.  I ran inside, wrapped him up in blankets and put him over one of the heating vents to trying to keep him from going into shock.  He's looking good this morning and seems to be back to his regular self.  (Expect that he STILL wants to go swimming.)   I'm just so relived that it didn't go the other way, that we were able to wake up this morning with him curled up at the foot of the bed and not burying his little body.

I really freak out about drowning.  My little brother and I almost drowned in a boating accident as children and it's one of my most vivid memories but more than that, growing up in Resurrection Bay meant that we knew people who went out on the water and didn't come back.  One pair of friend years ago before the road along Turnagain Arm was redone went into the water along there in the middle of winter, they were able escape their car but their baby did not.  I worked on the boat during one summer of college and the boat I was on responded to a mayday in the bay.  We pulled one survivor from the water, the rest had passed by that point and the sight of seeing people floating is something that has stuck with me my whole life.  I have terrible nightmares about my kids and the water and I've made sure that they both know how to swim and are very careful around water.  

I suppose this is a bit dark and rambling for an outfit post but I guess they will just be those kind of days.  I'm just really relived that it ended the way it did.   He's a part of my family and it really would have been devastating for everyone.


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you. Our pets are like our family and when something like that happens it's as terrifying as if it happens to our human family. I'm so happy your puppy is okay.

    On a lighter note, that is the best haircut ever. I'm jealous of how stunning you look with short hair!

  2. Oh man, I'm so glad he came back! That would've been terrifying to me. Its so sad, I recently had a friend lose his dog, and it definitely made me start eyeing Prince more closely. He's getting up there, around 11 years now. Just thinking about the potential goodbye makes me tear up...
    Anyway, I'm glad you're little companion is still there with you!
    Love the leopard coat on top of this pretty little outfit. The chambray shirt, peter pan collar, and lace skirt make for such a delicate, perfectly put together look <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Wow, you're so bad ass. Most of the people I know would loose their shit, but you had it all under control and did CPR!? You go girl! I'm so happy your doggie is okay.
    I had a guinea pig that died from chocking, and my mom did CPR again :D (she's a nurse btw) but couldn't help him. It was weird, cause the guinea pig wasn't very social and he just stared at walls most of the time, but we were very traumatized when it died :D

    Anyways...the 5th photo is like from a fashion magazine, or a book with photos of beautiful scenery and chicks, seriously so pretty!

  4. gosh, Katie, this is horrible and I'm so happy everything ended well and you were incredibly brave! I guess your doggie has got a second birthday from now on.. yeah, it was incredibly scary to even read the story because dogs are my soft spot and if something bad happens to any of the good ones I'm just utterly sad :(
    but anyway, let's talk about good things! those photos are wonderful and so is your outfit. I have a similar coat by the way :) and I'm so in love with your lace skirt. it looks just perfect with the classic blue shirt. oh and what's that thing you are holding in addition to your little purse? some kind of clutch or book or what, I'm curious? :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. So glad your dog is ok! That would be so terrifying! On a lighter look so pretty :) But yeah, with all that I'd be a bit careful around water!

  6. katie, i'm so glad you saved your dog. that most have felt horrifying. really happy you & your bro survived too. scary, scary, scary. your outfit is complete and utter cuteness.

  7. How traumatic! I'm happy everything turned out okay in this situation. Sounds like, unfortunately (or fortunately) you've had a lot of experience in staying calm in hairy situations. Must be par for the course when growing up in Alaska?


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