Monday, September 30, 2013

An Introvert and A Dork Walk Into A Blog...

Hat c/o H&M
Lucky Brand Cardigan (thrifted)
B.B.Dakota Dress (thrifted)
Naturalizer Boots (thrifted)

I'm sorry Lauren, I couldn't help myself with that one.  :)

So it's a bit picture heavy on the blog today.  I usually try (well, attempt) to keep the number of pictures to a feasible amount but I had fun today and I just ended up really happy with the look of the photos.  I went makeup free for pictures today and not the celebrity makeup free with foundation, shadow, blush, gloss and mascara.  In day to day life I really don't bother much with makeup aside from foundation, chap-stick and mascara and it doesn't bug me to go make up free, aside from blog photos.  It's silly but I feel like a dork if I don't look half way presentable and like I tried a little because dude, these pictures are going on the internet!   However, this is suppose to be a dairy about my personal style so if I didn't put on makeup for my day to day stuff, I won't just slap it on for the blog, it feels just a little dishonest otherwise.  Of course, I might be over thinking away to much but hey, it was my first day off in over a mouth and half, so no spackle for me today.

Lauren over at Introvert's Introduction interviewed me today as well!  She's a fellow Alaskan chick and  a pretty awesome one at that, she's been a huge inspiration for me photography wise and she always takes really stunning photos of her and her family's adventures around the state.   She's crazy talented, likes thrifting, is really knowledgeable about photography and is such a sweetheart to boot, it's been great to get to connect with her and get to know her.  If you'd like to read the interview, you can find it here!


  1. Hahaha that sounds like the start of a great joke to me! And thank you for the kind words! :3 I looove these photos, especially the one with you on the fence!

  2. Love your sense of humor - and the pics are amazing, would have been a shame to sort some of them out! Love the pale colours on you, seems we have the same taste on autumn colours :)

  3. You definitely don't need makeup Katie! You look like a fairy in these photos - I think its the bright yet soft lighting that adds to the effect. :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. well, how awesome are those photos, huh? beyond awesome, I must say. they're absolutely stunning and I'm loving the location, the weather, your makeup free look, white lace, black hat, everything! such a masterpiece, honestly. some photos even look like taken out of a fashion magazine. yeah, job VERY well done. by the way, when it comes to makeup I'm with you. if I use makeup then it's concealer+mascara but every week there are days when I don't use any makeup at all. and too much makeup is ugly in my book. especially when people leave their makeup on clothes when they try stuff on at stores. that's really annoying! anyway, I'm going to check out that post about you now :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Man...Alaska just has some of the most beautiful landscapes! These photos came out so beautiful and I love the outfit. The picture of you sort of running and holding your hat really looks like it could be from a magazine! I'm with you on the makeup thing. My normal makeup routine is chapstick and eyeliner. That's it. Sometimes I do a little bit more and do liquid liner on my lids, mascara and lipstick but usually I just have eyeliner on my lower lid.

  6. lauren is an awesome photographer. i will be checking out your interview. at first i was like what? katie's not an introvert, is she? the autumn fields with the lace dress creates dynamic texture.

  7. your photos came out beautifully and it looks like you're having a lot of fun :) your dress is beautiful, it looks great paired with the chunky sweater.


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