Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Cold Wind Blows

So This happened this week...

Hat c/o H&M
Love21 Dress (thrifted)
Rampage Boots
Bebe Leather Jacket (consignment)

I know, right?  It's a little early to be snowing especially considering how late the snow stayed around this spring.  It's starting to get cold as well, usually down in the teens at night and then around 20-35 degrees during the day.  Yup, we're paying for all of that wonderful 90-100 degree temps we had all summer long. (Oh why did it have to end?!  It's not like the cold even kills the spiders.)  The ground hasn't frozen yet so the snow didn't stick around, it was gone by mid  afternoon but there is more in the forecast.

Alright, enough griping!  At least all of the snow made for some pretty pictures.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I did thrift a F21 dress and it was close to the retail price as well but I really loved the print and style, it reminded me so much of a Nicole Richi dress that I love. (Don't hate, that chick makes some seriously amazing clothes.)  I do love a maxi and long dress do work pretty well up here for the winter, we don't get a ton of snow usually and it's so cold we don't get slush so hey, no dragging hems and getting them filthy.  Plus I usually wear long johns and pants under mine in the winter and the long dress traps all of the heat inside so it's almost nicer than just wearing jeans. (Although only stupid people do that in -50 below, it's snow pants time then!)


  1. i am in love with these pictures ♥
    the view is wonderful!!

  2. What a pretty dress - I understand why you gave in and thrifted it. :) The snow makes such a gorgeous backdrop!

  3. Whaow, the dress is dashing! You look absolutely superb!

    It was about damn time it snowed in there! :D Whole summer without snow, what kind of Alaska is that anyway :D Kidding of course! This totally sucks, hope the snow melts soon :D

  4. Katie, you look like a model here. you totally do!!! I love love love those photos and your look here. probably the best look I've seen from you so far, to be completely honest. I love the floral dress (and the contrast it makes with the cold snow), that jacket is the coolest and gosh the hat is a cherry on top of all that awesomeness :) perfection.
    okay and now about the SNOW! no way you already have it there! I actually can't believe my eyes right now because we still have +20 degrees Celsius quite often. but that's our future anyway, haha.
    oh and I was so happy to see you in my blog again. I totally feel you when it comes to super busy times though. it's Sunday and I must work today, boo.
    take care and I hope to talk to you soon, dear :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. It's so beautiful! I love the outfit and the colours - the first snow and frosted brunches made such a gorgeous background. I could just stare and stare....x


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