Monday, September 30, 2013

An Introvert and A Dork Walk Into A Blog...

Hat c/o H&M
Lucky Brand Cardigan (thrifted)
B.B.Dakota Dress (thrifted)
Naturalizer Boots (thrifted)

I'm sorry Lauren, I couldn't help myself with that one.  :)

So it's a bit picture heavy on the blog today.  I usually try (well, attempt) to keep the number of pictures to a feasible amount but I had fun today and I just ended up really happy with the look of the photos.  I went makeup free for pictures today and not the celebrity makeup free with foundation, shadow, blush, gloss and mascara.  In day to day life I really don't bother much with makeup aside from foundation, chap-stick and mascara and it doesn't bug me to go make up free, aside from blog photos.  It's silly but I feel like a dork if I don't look half way presentable and like I tried a little because dude, these pictures are going on the internet!   However, this is suppose to be a dairy about my personal style so if I didn't put on makeup for my day to day stuff, I won't just slap it on for the blog, it feels just a little dishonest otherwise.  Of course, I might be over thinking away to much but hey, it was my first day off in over a mouth and half, so no spackle for me today.

Lauren over at Introvert's Introduction interviewed me today as well!  She's a fellow Alaskan chick and  a pretty awesome one at that, she's been a huge inspiration for me photography wise and she always takes really stunning photos of her and her family's adventures around the state.   She's crazy talented, likes thrifting, is really knowledgeable about photography and is such a sweetheart to boot, it's been great to get to connect with her and get to know her.  If you'd like to read the interview, you can find it here!

Slouchy Slouch

Knit Cap
Old Navy Sweater
Aerostale Waxed Jeans
Jack by B.B.Dakota Jacket
Fred Meyer Scarf
Leather Boots c/o H&M

I normally only buy clothing for myself out of my money that I earn and set aside for my clothing budget, I feel guilty otherwise spending money that I didn't earn on frivolous things.  Evan bought this sweater for me the other day though which was sweet of him, I make a cheap date I suppose because this sweater and a pair of tights was all I could find at Old Navy that I loved.  Well, that was a cute fit and flair skirt that I loved but even the smallest size was too big.  That's a little  crazy seeing as I'm not some dainty little ballerina, if I'm sizing out of Old Navy I can only imagine what's happening to other people.  It's wonderful to have a broad spectrum of sizes but it seems like vanity sizing has just gotten out of control, what's wrong with offering sizes at what they should be?  I suppose it might be more expensive to offer sizes 24 through 0 seeing how much it's costs to redo the patterns for each size but it seems a bit lacking to just offer small through extra large with little difference between the sizes and expect that to just work.

I'm embarrassed that I got these jeans from Areostale seeing as it is SUCH a teen store and I am way out of that demographic but I love my waxed denim that I got last winter from AEO and the J.Brand pair I got this past spring so yeah, a 70% off sign and waxed denim was all it took for me.  I really am a cheap sell out. (But at least I won't wear a hole in my J.Brand pair now.)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Waited All Night For You

Bebe Coat (thrifted)
Urban Vibe Dress
Payless Heels (thrifted)
B. Makowsky Leather Bag (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Scarf

I drive over these tracks at least once a day and it's never that busy of an area until the one day I decided to take pictures and then it is Time Square Central.  It wouldn't have been so bad if people had just kept driving but they all had to slow down to watch and wow, have I gotten use to hiding away and taking pictures out of sight.  The shame is back in full force now.  (I was actually a ways back from the road on the tracks so it's not like I was blocking the tracks, it was just embarrassing.)  Normally the discomfort at being watched comes across in pictures and kind of just wreaks them but in this cases, I think it worked for the overall mood.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Old Navy Coat
J.Crew Blazer (thrifted)
George Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Joie Silk Skirt (ebay)
Vintage Leather Boots from my Grandma

Today I present the latest in trendy head-wear!  You know ho wearing your coat over your shoulders is totally a thing and not douche-y at all?  Well this is the newest take, wearing your coat on you head, it's even cooler if you can makes the sleeves look like demented bunny ears and you get serious points for managing to walk, keep the coat in place and not use your hands.   Yeah, I can so see this taking off.....

Or you know, I could just wear a hat although I'm not really sure if that's cool or trendy enough for a FASHUN blog.

Friday, September 27, 2013

It Reflects Back On Us

American Eagle Blazer and sweater (thrifted)
Old Navy Pants
Madden Girl Boots
Knit Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf (gift)
Dooney and Burke Bag (thrifted)

Another winter morning for us, we had a mini snow storm the other day and it snowed enough for the snow to stick around for a day.  Unfortunately we got our first big ice-up of the year and it was deady, a woman who lives on our road was killed in a car accident just a few miles from home, right across from the business we use to own.  It was quite horrible and just further proves that the big pickup trucks always win in those kinds of things.  (Little cars bad.)   The section of Badger road is pretty gnarly and always has a few really bad accidents every year, this summer a man who killed some of my brothers' friends in a drunk driving accident got sent to trial and was found guilty of manslaughter.  It's sort of strange, 20 years ago they use to throw the book at people for drunk driving but now it's just all about the fees, a few days in jail and yay, back out on the road again.  It's disturbing to read in the daily police beat how many of the DUIs are second, third, fourth, even seventh time offenders and they still only get fines and minimal jail or community service time.    When we lived in Seward, one of my friend's father killed two people in a drunk driving accident and was sent away to jail for life with little chance of getting out early.  This man killed three young kids and got three years, three years ago a young woman with a history of drunk driving killed a little boy, publicly laughed about it to his parents and ended up with only three years in jail with time off for time served.  It's sort of sad to see that there's so little consistency and I understand not wanting to clog up the system, but it seems crazy to put people away for ten years for growing small amount of pot for home use and then people who kill others get nothing. (And I'm not even way on board with the whole pot movement, I just think the penalties are crazy.)

Well, that was a strange little ramble.... it must be the snow.  It makes people crazy you know.

Deceptions Fall With The Leaves

American Eagle Outfitters Blazer (thrifted)
George Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Forever 21 Skirt (thrifted)
Leather Duffle (thrifted)
Seychelles Heels

I love my leather duffle so much, I feel like I should be putting smiley faces into my sentences when I talk about it. I'll try to refrain from that but I do have to talk about how awesome it is to have a bag big enough to lug all of my horse gear around and whatever another stuff I just have to have and to have bag that looks nice is kinda awesome.  I suppose looking nice is subjective of course, people go nuts over the latest sportswear and duffles where I just really like old, worn in leather.  (Because when was the last time you looked at a worn-in gym duffle and went "wow, that looks great" with all of the rips, stains and stuff?  Yeah, never.  You went "ewww, time to toss that in the wash!")

I am pretty grumpy that even though I ironed this skirt, the wrinkles still set in pretty heavily.  Yay linen.  I know, I know better about buying linen skirts but after this, I tried out a few different fabric starch sprays and wow, world of difference here people.  I used the Niagara Spray and it works really well at lifting out the wrinkles and for linen, keeping it fairly wrinkle free.