Monday, August 19, 2013

Walk Away

American Eagle Outfitters Hat
Free People Sweater (thrifted)
J.Brand Jeans (thrifted)
DV by Dolce Vita Boots
Coach Handbag (thrifted)
Silver Cuff via Vendor from the State Fair

This sweater is a little funky for me, I don't usually wear asymmetrical garments but I'm trying to try thing out of my comfort zone.  I think next time I've wear the sweater with a higher rise of jeans though, these felt just a little too low cut for a sweater that liked to ride up.

It's starting to get colder in the morning and at night, we got a frost at our place this morning so I'm pretty sure we won't be getting any tomatoes out of our plants this year.  It was such a slow start to the year with the late break up and even with the really warm summer, our plants have been slow in coming in. (Aside from the herbs, those were growing like weeds this year.)  My parents garden looks pretty freaking amazing though, so it might be just me and my green thumb.

I have a few scheduled posts still set up from before I cut my hair so yeah, it didn't all grow back that fast.  Still short, just slow on posting.


  1. I really like the brownish sweater with the gray and white jeans. I never would have thought to put brown with gray but it really ends up working well.

  2. Aaand we're back to long hair posts haha. I really love this fall ensemble Katie, the floral jeans, cozy sweater, and cool boots are a perfect combination in my opinion. So using this same outfit combo for a future fall look! Now for it to drop about 20 degrees...or 30...I better be careful what I say though, soon enough it'll be freezing and I'll be whining over the cold lol

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  3. wow such a pretty outfit! i love the print on the jeans, super cute! and it looks amazing paired with that soft sweater, great styling!


    ♥ Ellen
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  4. Yeah, I was confused for a second when I saw your hair all back again :p Anyways, love those jeans!

  5. i knew these were older photos. why can't i find cool hats like you have? i shopped at three different stores last weekend, and came out empty handed. grrr!

  6. I can't even imagine getting a frost in August! I'm actually kind of jealous...
    Anyway, these jeans look awesome on you. I love the print. That sweater looks super cute and comfy with them too.


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