Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tromping through life

Jacket c/o H&M (Similar, but this one is really nice!
American Eagle Outfitters Tank and Hat
Jessica Simpson Jeans (thrifted-but so comfy, I would buy a pair of her jeans for full price now! Not to mention they really keep their shape and don't bag out.)
Seychelles Boots
Icing Bow Ring

I love it when I take good pictures.  Not good pictures as in "oh wow, I look awesome here!" but good pictures as in "the light is perfect and it's just what I was picturing in my head." (As if that monologue makes sense!)  I just get really pleased when I feel like I captured the image in my head onto the camera.  I try to push myself with capturing a good picture to start off and lately I've been trying to really put a little bit of variety in my pictures.  It's no fun looking(or taking!) pictures if they all blend together from day to day, there needs to be a variety whether it's different backgrounds, poses, angles or lighting.  I know I have my uninspired days where I just take blah pictures and there will be those days no matter what but for the most part I would hope that my photography is interesting enough that people would like to see it day to day.

Um, I am really sorry about the amount of pictures.  I usually try to limit myself, but the light was so pretty...  I was also really thrilled about taking pictures in this field, I found it a few days ago and it's another really pretty spot that's crazy photogenic.


  1. Haha, don't apologize for the amount of pictures :) I loved all of them! I'd post that many too if I got that many that turned out so well--the light really is amazing!

  2. Man, I am jealous of your location Katie!
    More often than not its a race against time for me to find a photographer for the day, find a time when we're both free, and then finding a decent location with decent lighting. If only I lived in a more remote area too! The scenery in your photos are always amazing :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. These pictures are so pretty! I really love the lighting. The second to last one is gorgeous!

  4. You are getting better and better at taking photos, not to mention getting prettier too ^_^
    Wow, the jacket from H&M is superb O_O

  5. yes, it sure is a super pretty location and the light is even prettier. sunsets and sunrises always produce the most beautiful scenery with such gorgeous shades of pink, red, orange and yellow. oh and I totally feel you when it comes to getting the best pictures! I'm such a mad perfectionist and sometimes my posts are late only because I'm crazy and can't pick out "the right" photos (I'm actually having one of those situations even right now, haha). anyway, you and your hats... are such a great duo, Katie! some people just know how to wear their hats and you're definitely one of them ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. i LOVE your pictures- the way you caught that light is absolutely stunning. i never can catch it just like that, so im totally blown away.and i love your outfit here- your jacket is so Chanel-y :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. You do a great job of moving around and taking photos that are each individually stunning. How long does it take you to get all your photos?

    Also, those jeans look amazing. Where does one find Jessica Simpson jeans?

    1. Macy's sales Jessica Simpson jeans, I know I've seen them go on sale for really cheap so they're reasonable for a nice jean. As for how long it takes me to take pictures, it really varies. If I have a nice location and nice light, it takes about ten minutes. If I don't put much effort into finding a location of it's bad lighting, it can take about 20 minutes before I get grumpy and give up. With shooting into the sun and getting back-lite photos I try not to shoot right into the light because it wreaks the lens but if I move just a little off to the side and adjust the angle I shoot from so the light doesn't flood the lens, I can get a decent shot. (Shooting during the morning or the evening works best, I hate trying to shoot during mid-day because the light is so harsh and it just bleaches everything out.)

  8. Hey, if you've got the light, I say post away! Love this jacket, I might've commented on it before (looks familiar), but I'll say it anyways.


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