Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Toe the Line

Roxy Blouse (thrifted)
Old Navy Shorts
Minnetonka Leather Sandals (thrifted but from how these have lasted, I think I'll buy a new pair of sandals next summer from them.  Totally worth the price for how well  they've lasted.)
American Eagle Outfitters Bracelets, Forever 21 Spike Bracelet
Silver Mexican Cuff (thrifted)
Handcrafted Bag (christmas gift a while back from one of my brothers)
Pink Diamond Studs
American Eagle Outfitters Hat

I know I've talk a lot lately about buying nicer items but I think I've forgotten to talk about brands that are a lower price range but still good quality.  Just  because something is expensive doesn't always mean it's made well and just because some thing is really cheap doesn't mean it will fall apart in the first wash.  A good example I think is actually Sears.  They've had both French Connection and Sanctuary come in and do clothing lines for them that were excellent and usually on sale(and clearance) for extremely  good price. The clothes were well made and I still have several items from the French Connection line that I wear on the blog.  On the other side would be the Kardashian line for Sears.  Way over priced with some of their garments ringing in at $300 and some of the worst
quality control I've ever seen.  On the majority of items that I've tried one, the zippers are cheap and don't work or break, seams fall out in the store from people trying them one, ill fitting, the list goes on and on. Every now and then I did find a decent item, but it's fairly rare.

Another good example of cheaper clothing that lasts a long time is Old Navy's denim.  I know I give Old Navy a hard time but their regular line of jeans, such as the Sweetheart and the  Diva last forever.  I still have pairs from them that are over five years old and have not a rip or a tear in them. (And seeing as they're my work jeans, that's crazy.  I destroy jeans and usually they're done for inside of a year.)  Roxy is another brand I've always liked, I loved their clothes as a teen and while their clothes were NOT cheap to me, I had a few of their tee shirts that I wore into my early 20s before they fell apart.  I was really excited to find this blouse at the thrift store because I've been meaning to replace my other AE  blouse that's similar and this one was about perfect.  It's light weight but the seams are sturdy and the embroidery is well done with nothing coming loose or frayed. It hangs nicely and has great structure in the shoulders.  Originally I would guess it was about $50 and while  I got it for $5, it matches up to my more expensive blouses.  

I will say I'm really happy with the pictures, I took them during the hardest time of day lighting wise and they ended up pretty decent.


  1. Your comment about Old Navy's denim is the second such compliment I've heard this week. I've never tried their denim but I'll definitely look to it the next time I'm in the market for jeans. I have a silk blouse from Old Navy that's holding up beautifully after 6+ years.

  2. This post was super informative- i totally believe that something doesnt have to be expensive for it to be good quality. Just like that Kardashian line- they clearly can do no right -__- And i LOVE French Connection! I would sell out their stores in a heart beat if I had money haha. And I love your photos- the background is SO pretty.

    And hahah thank you for all the hair love on my blog, it totally made me smile :) I've been wanting to chop off my hair since i was 16 so I finally did it, and i LOVE it. it literally takes me 3 minutes to style now and i never have to worry about dry ends ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Yay! I love that you're finally back to posting more often :) Anyways, love this outfit and the color of the hat just looks amazing on you!

  4. I've never looked at Roxy clothing, but I think my new swimsuit is by them. That bodes well for its longevity!

  5. My roommates got a lot of jeans and shorts from Old Navy, and I really like how they fit and hold up. I'm definitely going there for some new shorts!
    Love your cute top and floppy hat here Katie, great outfit :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. and i am really happy with that whole outfit. score on the top. i'd wear the whole look, head to toe. style envy thy name is teddi. i'm like total epitome of summer stylish with ease. your bro has good taste in purses.


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