Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thrifting For The Win!

American Eagle Outfitters Denim Jacket
French Connection Dress (thrifted)
Seychelles Heels
Forever 21 Spike Bracelet
Pink Sapphire and Gold Bracelet, Rose Quartz and silver Ring, Morganite and Silver Ring
Salvatore Ferragamo Bag (thrifted)

YOU GUYS.  Look at what I found at the thrift store today.

You bet I fist pumped the air when I found this beauty, I scared the living daylights out of the poor lady browsing next to me but look, it's an authentic Salvatore Ferragamo Bag.  With a freaking panther on the side.

Best thrifting day ever,  I just really hope that the lady that donated this day maybe has a Mullberry bag she doesn't want any more....that would be pretty greedy of me though.

Great thrifting aside, Ill be out of town for a few days.  My brother, the kids and I are all driving down to Anchorage for a cousin wedding so it'll be a quick road trip.  It would be crazy fun to go thrifting in Anchorage but it's going to be nice just to visit the family quickly and say hi to everyone. (And road trips are always fun, even when stuff goes wrong.)   I should be back Sunday but I'll try to keep up on my scheduling streak and keep some posts coming.


  1. Hey hey we should go to coffee or something when you come! (If you have time of course)

  2. nooooo wayyyyy, Katie!!!!! this bag is beyond amazing and you thrifted it.. I just can't believe how many great bags you get from thrift stores and I also can't understand why my local thrift stores offer zero awesome bags, haha. but I do know how it feels when you find something extra amazing while thrifting. it's like "hallelujah!" starts to play in the background of everything :D okay, I also wanted to say that red dress looks stunning next to your red hair and it goes so well with the denim jacket and your new fierce bag. oh and enjoy your road trip, dear!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. red dress and jeans jacket is my favorite combination ;) Enjoy yor road trip dear I and I hope I will see you soon on my blog :)

  4. The fun part about having a blog is being able to say "LOOK WHAT I FOUND THRIFTING" And people actually care! That is like the coolest thrifting find ever!

  5. I think your secret is that you have an eye for knowing when something is just going to WORK. I wouldn't have even looked twice at that bag but you did and now you have an awesome accessory (that is actually useful!)

    I also love your dress, too. Super cute.

  6. Red looks absolutely divine on you!

  7. Panther purse! Awesome! It looks great with your red dress and denim jacket combination!

  8. Omgsh, I think I would've jumped up and down a bit and squealed if I found that *_*
    Lol poor lady. Ah well, if she had an eye for thrifting like you, I'm sure she'd be doing the same ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. that purse is a beauty! swoon.

  10. I'm happy for you and your amazing bag find!!! What a beauty. I hope you'll treasure it for years to come.
    I like the subtle nod to the leopard print in the bag through your shoes. Great look!


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