Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Forever 21 Loose Jacket (thrifted)
Ann Taylor Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Jessica Simpson Jeans (thrifted)
Michael Michael Kors Suede Knee Boots (thrifted)
Leather Clutch (thrifted)
Wool Hat
Silver and Rose quartz Ring

I finally found the perfect knee boots and they were at the thrift store.  Go figure.  I'd found a
pair last year of knee high boots that I liked a lot but being pleather they ended up ripping out at
the heel seam this spring.  Since then I decided I'd save up and buy a nicer pair of boots  that will
last a little long than one season.  But back during my lucky spree at the thrift store I found these
and was really impressed.  They're suede, have a little bit of a thicker heel and are nicely made. (Not
to mention comfortable to walk in!  That seems to be the biggest thing about nice boots vs really cheap ones, the nicer boots are actually comfortable and don't make my feet cry by the end of the day.)


  1. I love that your outfit is pretty much entirely thrifted. It's so cute! I love that jacket and your cashmere sweater.

  2. Wow, boots are the one thing that I can almost never find thrifted! Great find! And great outfit!

  3. I still can't believe your thrift shop finds. Amazed every single time! Those boots are amazing and I really like them with the cream sweater and the hat.

  4. This look is phenomenal. My heart flutters reading about your thrift finds. Just when I think you can't possibility outdo yourself, you go and find the most gorgeous suede boots. Love how you've styled this look. (And if I may add, your figure is looking amazing these days)

  5. Man, gotta love the heels on those knee high boots! Fantastic indeed. Nice score, Katie :)
    Also, everytime you wear that floral jacket/kimono/thing I love it even more!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. total perfect thrifted outfit! the end. holla.


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