Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Starfish don't live in the woods!

American Eagle Outfitters Top and Earring
J.Crew Shorts (thrifted)
Jeffery Campbell Flats
B.Marcowsky Leather Bag (thrifted)
Icing Rings
Gold and Tourmaline Bracelet

The red clover is finally out and I wanted to try some pictures with it but yeah, it wasn't a good picture day for me.  Those days happen, when you just feel zip inspiration and you struggle just to take a decent "standing there and look mysteriously dorky" pictures.   Usually I try to push through those days and get something decent but it just wasn't going to happen today.   At least it's still warm.  (and not winter!)

I was going out to water the garden last night and right in front of our porch was a momma moose with twins, taking a drink out of the pond.  The pond is only ten feet away from the deck so it was pretty close.  Baby moose are just freakishly adorable with their long legs a big ears.  We get quite a few moose that pass through our property, last week the two year old bull was messing around right outside the bedroom window.  All of the moose seem pretty relaxed compared to the city moose, they usually just glance at us and go on their way, rather than turning to face us and getting all puffed up to intimidate.


  1. Clover! I miss clover. It grew all over the place near the houses where I grew up but, sadly, I don't see it any in the city anymore. Which means that even if you don't like the photo of you sitting in the grasses I certainly do.

  2. Getting good photos is seriously a struggle for me - I'm like, "What do I do now?" I need to get more creative :/
    Anyway, love the ones of you sitting in the red clover field! How pretty :D
    Also, those print shorts are adorable

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I really like those shorts! One of the reasons why I probably won't be able to live in Alaska: the proximity of wildlife. If I saw the moose I'd probably freeze up, freak out, and then start crying. I've got some sort of paranoia that most wild animals want to tear me to bits. So I'll just stay in the burbs and city. However, love the hairdo and the shot where you're sitting in the field of very beautiful flowers :)



  4. Oh, yes those city moose and their puffed-up intimidation! (lol I get a kick out of your Alaskan wilderness stories, keep 'em coming!)


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