Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lazy Summer Nights

Fred Meyer Lace Top and Tan
American Eagle Outfitters Jeans and Belt
Mia2 Loafers (thrifted)
Hat (No label)
Icing Necklace
Mexican Handcrafted Bag (gift)

Not sure really what to say about this outfit, it's not the most exciting but it's been really hot and I have to wear pants to work.  I threw on the lace top for work because a tank top just really isn't that appropriate for most work places and it was an easy layer to take off afterwards.   Those loafers are so awesome, even after being on my feet for hours running around they are still the most comfortable shoes aside from my Keds.  (Plus I think they look kinda cool.)

Othere than that, the heat and work and everything has melted my brain so I'm not really much of a chatterbox today.  I'm trying to schedule some posts for this week so I wont be falling so far behind.  GCI said something about maybe being able to come lay the lines for internet and cable in the next two week so hopefully I won't have to run to town every time I need to get on the net. (Of course, two weeks to them usually means at least five, so maybe not.....)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always like hearing feeback! (It really makes my day!)