Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Chance: H&M's Fifty states of Fashion Contest

American Eagle Denim Jacket
Leather Vest (thrifted)
Silk Dress (thrifted)
Madden Girl Leopard Print Boots
Silver Chain, thrifted necklace

I really, really liked this outfit.  I think I need to add another "really" in there because that's how awesome this outfit was to wear.  I've had a leather vest on my list for a while along with a leather shell, but everyone I've come across has been too big or in rough shape.  This one had been pushed to the very back of the racks which is why I think it'd been passed by so many times.  The tag was the current sale color for Value Village so I got this for $2.49.  That's a pretty screaming good deal for a leather vest that's actually cut nicely and not just one giant box.

I think with the shorter hair it feels like I finally have a little more freedom in what I want to wear.  I use to cut my hair short for riding season because hairnets really suck to put on and are miserable under a helmet in any kind of heat and I always have really enjoyed having my hair this short.  It feels a little more "me" than when it's really long.   I was really bad about brushing my hair as a little girl and my mom finally got fed up and cut my hair all off.  After that, everyone though I was a little boy because I'd roll(actually roll in) puddles and ran around in the short hair.  I was definitely quite the tomboy and even though I do like dresses and girl-stuff, I really like the comfortable and strong feeling I get when I have my hair short.

It also takes up a lot less shampoo and doesn't shed like crazy.

I also want to remind everyone that tomorrow, the 21st of August is when H&M's Fifty States of Fashion contest ends.  If you're still interested in being one of five winners will win a $250 gift card to H&M and one of those winners will be picked to win $1000 gift card and a trip for two to New York during Fashion Week to a exclusive H&M event.   It's really easy to enter, just take a picture of your favorite H&M outfit, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #HMSHOPONLINEAK (or the abbreviation for your own state) and you're entered.  The contest does end tomorrow so hurry up.  Alaska's been doing a great showing in this contest, it would be fun to see one of us win it! (Because come on you guys, it's a trip outside during the dead of winter.  Even though New York gets cold, it's nothing on the delightful -40 to -60 below that likes to hang around during that time.)   Good luck everyone, I've been watching the entries and it's going to be really exciting!


  1. Wow, that outfit looks fantastic on you! I love the colors and how you wore the leather!

    It's great that you like your hair shorter...especially since you can't really do anything about it at the moment! I think it really looks great both ways. I've always wanted to try shorter hair...but I just don't know :/ I love my hair long too....

  2. i really really really really love that leather vest. i still want to shop your closet.

  3. IIIIIII LOOOOVEEE THIIIIS OUTFIIIT! Really really! :D The leather vest is a gorgeous bad ass detail, also loving your pixie so much.
    I miss the old days, when I got up from bed and did absolutely nothing to my hair, it was bliss! :D

    Very much hope you win the contest, you deserve it!

  4. With the vest unzipped over that dress you look like you belong in a magazine spread. Very sophisticated yet a little tough :-)

  5. I just love your new super short hair! I feel more me with shorter hair too, even though I've never gone this short. I think it looks so great on you! It adds a certain cool edge to your look - especially when paired with this leather vest.

  6. Ugh, you're making me want to snip off all my hair...SO bad. It sounds badass, and you look so tough and amazing this way too! I love that. I'm just too chicken 0_o...maybe one day...this next summer? Lol
    I LOVE this outfit too! the leather vest is way cool

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Love love love the vest and how you've styled it (that necklace! that maxi!). Methinks I'll be adding a leather vest to my thrift wish list!


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