Saturday, August 10, 2013

H&M's 50 States Contest

Knit Jacket c/o H&M (similar here)
Blouse c/o H&M (similar here)
Necklace c/o H&M (similar here)
American Eagle Outfitters Leatherf and a trip for two toBelt
Old Navy Jeans turned into shorts
Seychelles Boots
B.Marcowsky Leather Bag (thrifted)

These lovely items were also sent to me from H&M and again, I think they really nailed my style.  I really like patterned jacket and this one looks really striking, I knew right away I wanted to try to style it with shorts and boots.  I'd actually been looking at a very similar top on ebay so it was such a thrill to receive such a pretty sleeveless blouse. It has a long tail so I might try something a little out of my comfort zone and wear it over my coated j.brand jeans later on. 

H&M's contest is still going on as well!   Just to review,  post your favorite H&M outfit to Instagram and tag it #HMShopOnlineAK.(or your states abbreviation)  One winner will be picked from each region, North, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest and will win a $250 gift card to H&M.  A grand prize winner will get a $1000 gift card and a trip for two to New York during Fashion Week for a H&M event.   So go post your outfit to Instagram with the above tag and good luck!   The contest does end August 21st so don't put it off for long. (The full rule list can be seen here.)


  1. it sure is a nice jacket and I think I even have a thing for black and white jackets. haha and I have a plan to wear one today as well so that's a nice coincidence ;) oh and I really really really dig that bag! I love that shade of blue, those chunky chains and the way it matches your top and denim shorts. Katie, you definitely thrift the best bags.. you always do. I wish we had some of those available here in my hometown but obviously we don't so you should totally send some on my way, hehe, just kidding. take care, dear!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. great jacket :) you have such a intresting pieces and I love your layering :)

  3. fantastic outfit...good luck with the contest.

  4. Oooh, love these pieces from H&M! That jacket is really going to get some use in the winter, huh? I know it would with me! Aha, and that print blouse is just lovely <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Ooo I need to enter that contest! I love H&M! This outfit is just so cute. I love your jacket and how the print looks with your cute blouse.

  6. Whyyyy, why the hell, do I live in this godforsaken country, called Bulgaria!!! Whyyyy!!!....Okay, that's enough drama for today. :D
    Looooooov those items, I think they did a pretty good job at nailing your style too :P

  7. The jacket is adorable! I really like H&M's jackets because they are usually great quality for not a ridiculous price tag.


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