Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Joie Silk Blouse (gift)
French Connection for Sears Shorts
MIA2 Loafters (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Bag
Wool Hat (thrifted, no label but it has a made in the USA stamp.)
Sears Cuff
Vintage Silver and Turquoise rings

Whew, it has been hot for us up here in Fairbanks!  We just passed our 30 day mark of 80 plus degrees temps for this summer, breaking a hundred year record.  It's been a strange year, breaking really old records for both highs and lows.  We had the coldest November in over a hundred years last year and then it went on to be such and up and down winter and ended with one of the latest break ups on the books.  Now we're setting heat records!  Yikes, what's next? (Hopefully, a really, really mild winter.  I'm crossing my fingers for that one.)

I really cannot moan about the heat though, it's one of the perks to Fairbanks, you go through really brutal winters but wow, Fairbanks has the nicest summers in the state.    The sun is starting to set later and later though which depresses everyone.  No one really likes seeing August come, it means winter is right around the corner.


  1. beautiful pictures and I love sun light on images :)

  2. really lovely pics, I love the top so much! The temperatures are really a bid extreme this year (here too!), but it's really hard that in August, winter is right around the corner where you live! Shame on that! ;) Enjoy the sun and the heat! xx


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