Wednesday, July 17, 2013

They are the state bird you know...

Old Navy Dress
Great Northwest Hat
Jeffery Campbell (second hand on ebay)
Dooney and Burke Handbag (thrifted)
Sears Cuff
Vintage Silver Rings

I paid dearly for these photos.  I got back inside and I looked like I'd been stung by a pack of bees, huge welts all over my arms and legs.  The mosquito this year are EVIL, I've never had a reaction like that to bug bites but for what I've heard, everyone is having the same problem.  One of my friends' little baby got a few bug bites and ohmygosh, the poor little thing had these huge, raised up welts and just looked miserable.   It's the worst I remember the mosquito ever being and I use to live near the Little Su River where they're like a wall of bugs during the summer.

I finally got some scheduled posts together so hopefully these week I'll have a few more posts than normal and not do the "dump all of the pictures into one post" deal that I've been doing.


  1. Ohhhh nooooo, the mosquitoes! Sounds like they're vicious for sure. :/ least you got some really pretty photos... ^^ Haha, that's always a plus! I always enjoy your photography combined with your fashion. Its just so pretty to look at :)

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  2. Wow, mosquitoes there must be mutating... O_o

    You paid for these photos, but I think it was worth it, you look like a princess in white ^_^

  3. oh, what a beautiful dress, Katie! white is such a great colour for summer and I would wear it more often too but I tend to spill something on it every time I wear something snow white. anyway, I also really like your waist-belt and I have said it before but yes, the bag too.
    btw, I have to say mosquito time is over here in Estonia, thank god! but when we had those little bastards I really hated them too. my feet looked crazy because of them, haha.

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  4. Bummer about the bites! The photos turned out lovely at least. I'm the worst when it comes to mosquito bites. As soon as they start itching I will scratch them until they bleed and then I have lovely scars. But they always itch less after you scratch the top layer of skin off :-)

  5. Aw, gross. Sorry about the mosquitos! That's always annoying! At least you got amazing photos! For some reason mosquitos haven't ever really bothered me before, but they started to while I was taking pictures a few days ago...darn it

  6. I love the classic simplicity of this outfit. Really, really pretty. Sucks about the mozzies!

  7. Sorry to hear about the mosquitoes! They're pretty terrible here too. Though luckily I don't get bit nearly as much as the rest of my family.

    Anyway, you look gorgeous in this pretty white dress. I love the striped belt paired with it.


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