Thursday, July 25, 2013

The night sky was softly lit

Express Dress (thrifted)
Marc Jacobs Scardigan (thrifted)
Charles by Charles David Wedges (thrifted)
Great Northwest Hat
Silver and Iolite Pendant
Mexican Handbag (gift)

This beautiful handbag was passed down to me by Evan's grandmother, she'd gotten it many years ago in Mexico and it's handcrafted from tiny gum wrappers.  It's really gorgeous and I feel so honored by Ev's grandmother deciding to pass it down to me.  There's something very special about items that your elders hand down, I have a travel chest from 1880 that my godfather gave to me as a graduation present, it's been in his family for over a hundred years at that point and that he gave me something that had been so cherished was overwhelming.
For someone to give me something that has been so lovingly cared for and treasured just honors me so much and means a great deal, it was beyond sweet of Ev's grandmother to give me such a lovely bag and it's something that I will treasure for the rest of my life, hopefully to pass along to Izzy someday.

All of that said, I was so excited to carry the bag that I'd didn't realize that it doesn't quite work with the outfit.  the bag is so bold and happy looking while this outfit is very soft and muted.(So like a very introverted person dating a crazy party animal.)    But I was really excited to wear this dress again and this cardigan was one of my lucky thrift store finds.  Every now and then I find some of the Marc Jacobs dresses at the thrift store but they're always cut for a long torso and I'm trying not to buy things that don't fit right.  This cardigan is really gorgeous and I feel pretty lucky to have found it in such nice shape.

Later this week Ev and I are going to take a break from all of the house repairs and work and go see Pacific Rim and get some dinner.  My little brothers went and saw it a few days ago and really enjoyed it. (It does have giant robots and monsters in it!  And directed by del Toro who usually does a really amazing job.)

I keep trying to take pictures at this one particular moment right when the sun starts to set.  We get a killer view and the light looks amazing coming through the trees.  I had just missed it by mere moments this time but at least it's more practice shooting in low level light.


  1. Love the photos with the sun setting in the background. That's something I'm not very good at yet.

    Also, you can make a strapless dress look perfectly in sync with your surroundings better than anyone I know.

  2. This is so pretty and lovely! I adore that dress and the sweetheart neckline, and that light cover up is perfect. Haha, and I do like the bright pop of personality with that gum wrapper bag :) I got a wallet like that from the Philippines. They're so cool!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Well you may have missed the perfect lighting but I think these shots still turned out great. The wispy field suits the tone of your outfit. I love the structured top on your dress.

    You sound like someone who really appreciates and cherishes previously-loved items, so I can see why you'd be the lucky recipient of so many of them.


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