Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thanks MickyDs!

Zara Sweater (thrifted)
Edward Silk Blouse (thrifted)
Old Navy Jeans
Rocket Dog Heels
Talbots Leather Handbag
Sears Turquoise Necklace and Cuff

Can you belive I've never done this Wifi mooching thing?  I'm at McDonald's taking advantage of their free wifi and it took me a ridiculous amount of time to figure out how to connect to it.  I've always just used our own internet.  Heh, I feel like such a dork..

I wore this actually on the Fourth, it's sort of red, blue and white.....with lots and lots of brown mixed in there. (So, if you squint you'll be able to see the white and blue.)  We didn't do much for the fourth this year, everyone was pretty wiped out and we just had a bbq.  Friday my brothers, the kids and I all drove down to Nanana to shovel out a friends hay barn.  the people watching their farm last winter didn't lock it u and the moose spent the winter in the barn, just munching away on all of the hay and it was quite a bad mess by the time spring finally rolled around.  They've been pretty busy with trying to cut their hay and protecting the farm from the Skinny Dick fire that's been right behind them so they really haven't had time to work on it.  My brothers and I volunteered and we spent the afternoon cleaning it out, it ended up being quite a big project.  The fire did end up just passing by the hay farm and it's finally been put down a little so everyone's feeling a little better about that at least.  (It really sucked for them, their farm was threatened by the Skinny Dick fire and then the fire out on Chena Hotsprings road was right next to their B&B.  They've had a pretty stressful past two weeks, worrying if either fire was going to wipe out their livelihoods.  Luckily, it seems the fires have moved pass them and it should be okay.)

Aside from that, it's been work as usual for us.  Lots and lots of work on the house but we've been out canoeing in the evenings.  We have a pond right on our property so it's been a ton of fun to get the canoe out at night and just paddle around.  The kids love it, they're getting to be quite the little paddlers.  There's a tiny island right in middle of the pond that they call Pirate Island, it's close to the band on one side so I'm going to try to build a little bridge over to it and build a fort on the island.  My brothers and I were so lucky as kids to live right on a lake and on a mountain, we built forts everywhere and did so much exploring and I'm really happy that my kids are going to be able to have the same experience.

Great Northwest Hat
American Eagle Shirt
French Connection Maxi (thrifted)
MichaelMichael Kors Sandals (thrifted)
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
B. Marcowsky Bag (thrifted)
Icing rings

More outfits from before, this was from right before we moved.  I recently found this maxi skirt at the thrift store, it's a wrap skirt and it's really fun to wear.  Plus, I realized I don't really have much purple in my closet.

American Eagle Denim Jacket
Silence and Noise silk Dress (thrifted)
Seychelles Boots
Coach Backpack (thrifted)
Silk Scarf (thrifted)

I wore this dress back last winter, but I wore a pink sweater over the top and it really just wasn't that cute.  Maybe it's just more fun to wear clothes in the summer.

Ark and Co Blouse (thrifted)
Theory Shorts (thrifted)
Franco Leather Sandals
Great Northwest Hat

Not the cutest outfit but I guess you're just going to have those kind of days.
Phew, I think I'm finally starting to get cuaght up a little with outfit posts, I just was really terrible about posting for a while.  It's kind of nice not having internet, right after I got married I went for almost five years with no internet and it was pleasant not having that distraction but at the same time, I like reading my news sites. (And blogs!  Dude, I get sucked into those and I miss reading everyone's blogs.)

Before I go, here's a picture of the peeps living around our back fence line.

They're so cute!  We've got five moose living right around us, the mom with twins, a two year old and then an older male.  It's been so great to see animals again, there's quite a few foxes out here and there's a little rabbit who'd taken up residence in one of the back barns.  Izzy's determine to catch him but he's pretty fast.


  1. Yay! More outfit posts :) I love so many of these. The striped shirt under the sweater is really cool and I love that shirt in the last outfit!

  2. You have been hogging such cute outfit photos! Haha, glad you're sharing them ;)
    I love them all, and you know how much I love your photography.
    Wow, it sounds like you've been busy, I definitely don't blame you for not blogging as much.
    I always steal wifi from Barnes & Noble...haha, I like the vibe of the bookstore better

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  3. So many cute outfits! I'm really loving the first one you wore on the 4th because it's so fall-ish and I'm kind of wishing it was cooler outside. The colors are great too!

  4. Those pictures from the Fourth make you look a million feet tall! I wonder why that is.

    Also, I'm such a contradiction. I LOVE living in the city but there's a part of me that wants to live on some land in the woods, too!

  5. A pond that's big enough to canoe and with its own island. Sounds idyllic. Would you share any photos with us? I love the McD's outfit. It's preppy goodness!


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