Saturday, July 27, 2013

Like a bolt of sunshine

Old Navy Tee
Tibi Silk Maxi Skirt (ebay)
Shoemint Heels (ebay)
Mexican Handbag (gift from Ev's grandmother)
Silver Necklace (vendor at State Fair)
Silver and Iolite Necklace
Pearls and Florite Wrap Bracelet
F21 Spike Bracelet, Fred Meyer Wood Bracelet

One of my very favorite color pairing is gray with yellow, if a little turquoise is thrown in, all's the better!   I really adore this whole outfit and I think it shows off the Mexican handcrafted bag from Ev's grandmother so much better than the last time I wore it.  Bright and happy there.

I really made a concentrated effort about four months ago to really work over my closet and my spending habits.  I  have a lot of thrifted items that were pretty but didn't fit right or weren't my style and there's was way too much of "eh" old navy items.  It bummed me out to look in my closet and be like "I wish I could afford beautiful things like so and so or stuff like that.  I realized that if I was more careful about just saying no to items I did not love and saving for things that I truly drooled over, I could have garments I loved. (This was sadly all stuff I knew, but didn't practice very well.. It's shameful.)  I began watching ebay and every now and then I'd find something gorgeous for really, really cheap.  I  found some beautiful Elizabeth and James dresses for close to a 10th of what they normally cost, this stunning Tibi silk  skirt was a 5th of it's retail cost and is the perfect maxi skirt I'd been searching for.  I really love Joie clothing, their silks are gorgeous and the clothes are cut beautifully with fantastic patterns, but most of the time I cant afford to drop $200 for a blouse. (that's more than a few months of saving up for me.)  After being really diligent and watching  ebay, I've found a skirt I love to pieces and three dresses that are stunning. I also really like the Paul and Joe Sister  line but I haven't had much luck yet with finding the particular items I want but patience is a big part of the game.  I won't re-haul my whole wardrobe in one day, it takes time.  Right now though,  I'm really happy with where it's at.  I have in mind a few items I would love and I'm just going to watch for them.

Paige's Horse print skinny jeans (I love these, the colors are soft and the print is killer cool.  It's ponies you guys!)
Rag and Bone Booties (I found the exact pair I wanted but got outbidded at the last momment.  It really made me mad because I could have gotten them for $35 freaking dollars.  The other person got them for $35.50.  Grrrr...)
Rag and Bone floopy Fedora. (I showed this one to Ev so maybe it will be a christmas present.)
Jeffery Campbell Open Toe Booties.  (They mad shoes other than the Litas and whooooa, some of them are pretty.)
Tibi Printed silk Tank (I saw this one and it's stunning.)

It's not a long list, just things I really, really adore.  Most of our money right now it going to the house and repairs so it will be a while before I do any shopping.  It has been very helpful to have a list of very spicfic items I would like, it keeps me more focused on saving for them and being able to say no to that blouse at the thrift store.  That five dollars can go in the fund for some boots I love and will wear as much as my Dolce Vita one that some blouse that's kinda meh feeling.


  1. Hi Katie, hope you've been having a wonderful summer! Love this bright splash of yellow, adds so much vivacity to your pretty look, the bag is so cute and unique

  2. Oooh, nice score on this maxi skirt! Its absolutely gorgeous. I know, I've been curbing my thrifting ways and have found items that I actually love. It makes it more exciting to play dress up with my closet now haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Absolutely have the same problem :D I've been buying too much crap and not enough of the more expensive fancy stuff. But my logic is that the beautiful items I want are waaay to expensive, and I know they're made in sweatshops and aren't that expensive at all, so I end up buying crap again from the thrift store :D

    Loving the gray and yellow combo too, I'm a fan of both colors. And how damn cool is that bag!?!?!?!?! O_O That bag is extreme!

  4. that skirt is a true pop of colour! it looks just wonderful in the middle of the woods like that and it also goes perfectly with your super colourful bag. such an awesome statement piece! oh and actually I do love every single thing about that outfit. it's just wonderful! and the colours work SO well together.
    when it comes to your list then I'm proud of you when you are able to follow it without slipping ;) it's a brilliant idea but definitely a tricky one as well.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. May the thrift and ebay odds be ever in your favor! I have my eye on a skirt on ebay but it just keeps getting relisted at a ridiculously high price! When will people realize that they can't charge full price for something on ebay??

  6. that is a fabulous skirt - both the colour and the cut of it. such a great find! I LOVELOVELOVE ebay, some of my favourite things have come from there :) I never thought to look for joie clothing on there but I really should - it's a brand I really like too.

  7. complete and total gorgeousness. katie, i'm glad you are creating the wardrobe of your dreams! :) the reason i don't order online very often is i never know how things are going to fit.


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