Monday, July 29, 2013

It's less dangerous than a flat out panic

DKNY Dress (thrifted)
Seychelles Leopard Print Wedges
Icing Necklace
Dockers Knee Socks
Leather Clutch (thrifted)

It was still cold this day, so a warmer dress with knee socks was nice. (I suppose I could have just worn pants.)  But after working on the roof and on the house all week, it was nice to put on a cute dress.   It's been a lot of work and were3 really trying to stay on top of everything since winter just isnt that far away.  At least the house is starting to look cuter on the inside,  I'll toot my own horn though and say that I'm a freaking awesome painter.  So fast even if I do the stationary Panic when a spider drops on me.

Patrick McManus reference aside, I finally got Ev hooked on those books.  My dad got me reading those at a very young age and they always delighted me so much, even to this day I can reread one and within a chapter be laughing so hard I'm crying.  Ev didn't really get the books until he went hunting with dad last fall and dad pulled a classic out, the good old "You go that way to the old logging road and we'll meet up a few miles down it.  You can't miss it!"

Hours later, Evan emerges from the woods....

If you've never read those books, I urge you do to so right now.  His tales about his dog Strange will kill you, mostly from not being about to breath while laughing so hard.


  1. I'm curious to read those books now! And your hair looks freakin awesome in the pics! ...I'm also jonesing to wear some knee high socks now

  2. i adore your dress!! i love the splashes of turquoise you added =)


  3. you could always wear pants, but yes dresses are mor fun! I like this dress, it's very free people/bohemian :)

  4. Beautiful, love your dress!

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  5. what a lovely thrifted dress with the clutch and turquoise accents! it looks great with the leopard print shoes. that field of wildflowers is sigh worthy. unlike you, i suck at house painting.

  6. You have most definitely got me intrigued about those books! I'll have to look into them.
    Anyway, that dress is so gorgeous! I love the ethnic feel of it. And the fact that you thrifted it? Even better :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Great look!

  8. That dress...oh my gawllllll, it's gorgeous, and paired with KNEE high socks (which I've always wanted to try) you're stunning! I love the turquoise accents and your hair down. I'm glad to hear that you're remodeling is coming along well!



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