Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hey, you again?

F21 Dress (thrifted and altered)
Vintage Leather Belt (thrifted)
Hand Stiched Leather Handbag (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Boots
Great Northwest Hat
Vintage Silver Ring, Icing Turquoise Rings
Vintage Silver Cuff (thrifted) AEO Cuffs, Vintage RB sterling Bracelet (thrifted)

This is the F21 dress I altered the straps on, I kept going between turning it into a skirt of fixing the top because while I really like this particular material and stripes, the top of the dress just wasn't working.  I ended up altering the top when I couldn't find a striped dress that was close enough to my "ideal" striped dress and I'm fairly please with how it turned out.

I'm trying really hard not to over use this field in my pictures, but it's really hard to resit
it during the golden hour.  Grass just photographs so nicely in golden light!  Not to mention
I really love all of the flowers, it's so nice just walking out the door and seeing grass and having the scent of flowers hit you.  I keep harping on it, I know, but it feels wonderful.  One of my little brother came out to barrow some chains to lift the engine out of his truck and the first thing he said was "whoa, it's so peaceful out here." You don't even realize how much the constant noise in the city affects you until you get away from it, silence can indeed be golden. (Not that it's silent, there's always the birds and the sounds of nature but it's far more relaxing than hearing screams and running to the door wondering if you're going to have to call the cops again.)

The house is coming along pretty well, we're getting ready finally to rebuild the kitchen and get the counters and cabinets up.  We need to redo the wiring in the back bedroom and after that it's time to hit the roof.  We didn't realize that the roof was going to be quite as bad as it is and after looking it over, we're going to have to put  a new one on before winter.  Luckily we can do that and we'll be able to put way more insulation in so hopefully it will be toasty come -60 below.  (That is the one downfall, we're in a cold little pocket right here.  It gets nice and warm in the summer but man, it really get cold in the winter.)


  1. You can use this field for pictures all you want! It's so pretty! The lighting is just gorgeous. Your striped dress alteration turned out great too. I really love the neutral colors in it.

  2. how pretty is the warm summery sunlight! perfect backdrop for your outfit photos, Katie, and I don't ever get tired of seeing that light :) the same thing goes about your outfits and beautiful jewelry. I just love that photo of your bracelets and rings. the whole outfit is perfect actually and I truly love everything about it. goes perfectly with the beautiful summer evening in the photos. oh and I'm glad things are moving forward with the new home. I bet it feels great! good luck with everything else too!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. love that field in your pics!! and congrats for getting ready with your house!

  4. I have a feeling that the look of that field changes every time you take photos there. So keep doing it! How amazing to have such beautiful landscape just outside your door.

  5. I tend to use the same spot for my pictures just 'cause it's in the backyard...I'm pretty sure people will get tired of it eventually, but I still love seeing your pictures. So pretty! And I freaking love this dress! It's so gorgeous and I love the stripes and the colors!

  6. That field is SO pretty...and you're right...golden hour makes everything look so much better. I love the earthy tones of this outfit, and all your neat jewelry!

  7. Ooh, grass really does photograph lovely. Haha, love the boots and dress look, plus your overload of jewelry? LOVE IT. So so pretty :D
    Good luck with the house, sounds like you've got a lot of work on you hands.

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  8. The last photo is gorgeous! Love the silhouette of the dress and the addition of your hat, nice and summery! I'm glad to hear that your remodeling is going well :)


  9. hooray on your house progress, the way you fixed the dress, and the golden hour! i want to raid your accessory jewelry box. ;)


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