Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hey howdy hey

Olive and Oak Top (thrifted)
Tibi Silk Skirt (ebay)
Great Northwest hat
Sears Necklace
Rocket Dog Heels

Hey, I'm back for a few minutes! (I'm actually just posting from my parents house.)  We are finally moved into our new home and these pictures are actually taken right in our back yard. It's so great being out of town, I forgot how much I missed living in the woods.  the kids are really enjoying just being able to go outside and play by themselves, without worrying about creepy dudes walking by and they have so much room to play now.  We have a ton of work still to do on the house, we had to strip the front half of the house down to the bones and re insulate, Sheetrock, tape and everything.  We're done with that but now we need to completely rebuild the kitchen, its like camping out right now.

It will be still a little while before we get net at the house so I rounded up all of the pictures I've been taking and a few from last month that I never got around to posting.

B.B Dakota Dress (thrifted)
Old Navy Vest
Seychelles Heels
Liz Clayborne Purse (thrifted)
Sears Necklace

This was a fun little summer outfit, I change into it after taping that day.

BCBGeneration Jacket (thrifted)
Old Navy Tee
AE Jeans
Keds Shoes

More working on the house this day, I just threw on my jacket to run to the stores afterwards.

Loft Dress (thrifted)
MichaelMichael Kors Sandals (thrifted)
Clutch (thrifted)

This was back at the beginning of June when the flooding was really going on, the river was about five feet higher than normal and then it ended up going up way higher.

I think this was right before we left to go on the fishing trip.  I'll try to check back in whenever I can, right now it's all a little spotty with getting on the internet.  I hope that for my fellow Americans you all have a fun Fourth of July, we're right in between two huge fires where we're at and there's a ban on firing off fireworks, so now for us this year. (Sort of pointless anyways, it only gets twilightly during July up here so we can't even hardly see the fireworks.)  Take care everyone!


  1. So many adorable outfits! I love the one with the white dress and denim vest. I hope you get settled into your new home soon!

  2. Whoa, that white lace dress, you look superb in it!
    Good to hear you're settling in the new home ^_^

  3. I love the lace dress outfit! And the green dress as well :) So glad to hear you're moved into your new house!

  4. love all ur looks

  5. oh Katie, your outfits just keep getting better and better and better and I love something about all those looks. the first and the last are my favourites though.. I think :D yeah, it's just really hard to pick a favourite when every ensemble is that awesome. your wardrobe must be bottomless and I'm still hoping one day you will make a post about it because I'm oh so curious ;) anyway, I hope things are going well with you and your family and I also hope you will be back in the blogging world soon. take care, dear :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. These looks are wonderful, and I really love your BCBGeneration jacket!

  7. Soooo many pretty outfits!!! Gahr, too many to comment thoroughly about each one, but girl, that yellow maxi skirt is so pretty, and I love that lace dress!
    Glad to hear the move is going well, and it looks like you're in a beautiful location! :)

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  8. I hope you're taking some progress pics of the house transformation! It sounds like a lot of work but it will be amazing to have your OWN place exactly how you want it, right?

    I love the lace dress and denim vest as well as the olive dress with the floral scarf. Was that scarf a thrift find?


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