Monday, July 8, 2013

Evening Haze

Forever21 Soft Blazer (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Crochet Top
Old Navy Cami
J.Brand Cargos (second hand on ebay)
Seychelles Boots

Guess who dropped her camera again?  Yup, this idiot right here.  Technically it was Evily-McEvilson(aka the tripod) who dumped it onto the rocks, but still my fault.  The lens is bent just slightly so it will still take pictures, but the apature cant go any lower than 2.5 and there's a bit of blur.  Heh, I just pretend I'm slapping a filter over the's an artsy thing!

Sorry Lens.  Eventually I'll stop beating you.


  1. Your pictures are just getting better and better (even if your camera is a little worse for wear!) I think these turned out beautiful :)

  2. Bahahaha, you dropped it...agaaaain? :D Although the blurry stuff looks artsy indeed :D
    This has got to be the most incredible blazer I've ever seen. It's so flattering and complements the whole outfit so well. The crochet top is beautiful as well!

  3. oh I just looove the last one! it's absolutely gorgeous! btw, I really REALLY think you should frame some of your photos. it would be a beautiful collection, Katie :)
    when it comes to the outfit I'm loving the blazer and I have a very similar pair of pants. gosh and of course damn that Evily McEvilson! you should probably punish her.. I know I would :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Girl, these are magical! I love the outfit too, its definitely my kind of style. The floral blazer is perfection. Don't mind me, I just may copy this outfit (once fall gets here, because right now it's too hot to even consider pants. Down with pants!).

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  5. Been there, done that with my camera & tripod! Your pics still look way better than mine did when I dropped my camera.

    Also, your hair looks so fun up in that high ponytail. Do you wear it like that often?

  6. Well even with a broken camera the pictures look great. I like your hair this style!

  7. I love the back of that shirt. I'm having some serious hair envy right now. I can never do a ponytail with my bangs out and have it actually look good!

  8. oh no about your camera. :( oh lovely about your outfit. :)

  9. Ahhh, sorry about your lens! Bummer. This outfit has some lovely details, like the scooped back of your lace top and that cute high ponytail which works well with the blazer (reminds me of a kimono)


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