Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Hat A Day...

MichaelMichael Kors Blouse (thrifted)
Skirt (thrifted)
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Elaphent Bag (thrifted)
Seychelles Boots
American Eagle Hat
Vintage Silver Cuff (thrifted)

Yikes, it was not good lighting.   That pairing with me feeling like this was a "meh" outfit kind of made for not very inspired pictures.  I guess those days happen, where you just throw on clothes but I'm not quite sure why I don't like this outfit.  The proportions seem okay which is usually what makes me dislike an outfit, maybe it's the boots?  Heels didn't really fit the vibe of the outfit but they probably would have looked a lot more "leg lengthening."  Maybe I should give in a buy some of those miraculous nude shoes that the style magazines go on and on about.  

In other news, since I'm trying really hard not to go on about the house in every post, I've been helping out a friend with her Bed and Breakfast for the past few days.  It's a fun change of pace and I've know her for about 13 years now so it makes me happy I can help her out.  She's a freaking amazing woman and runs three business, I have no idea how she has any energy at all.  One business about drove me crazy!  Her B&B is so adorable though, we have similar taste in decorating so we both get really excited about furniture and fabrics, she found this gorgeous studded leather, western style sofa that is to die for, we both were drooling over it.


  1. Yay! I was dying to see a better picture of that elephant bag! Love it! that's cool that you get to help with the bed and breakfast though. My aunt and another friend and both trying to open their own bed and breakfasts right now--sounds so fun!

  2. Gorgeous outfit despite the lighting :)

  3. Hmm, I think the thing about the outfit is that the top feels much heavier than the skirt. As in, the print is kind of overwhelming with the lighter colored bottom. Also, the top is white and the skirt is cream which sometimes can look awkward together. I think the top would look awesome with a similarly cut skirt but if the skirt was black. You could probably even keep all the same accessories!

  4. I hate when lighting doesn't work the way you want.
    However, I do like this outfit! That print top is quite nice, and the brown accent in the belt and boots are nice together.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. That's pretty awesome that you're able to help your friend out at a Bed and Breakfast...I think that's going on my to-do list. I like the boots! Like a lot...if you didn't know I've been on a boot kick (ha!) lately and yours look super adorable with the skirt too :)



  6. Love the color of your hair! I know how hard it is to take good photos in bad lighting, but I think you still look good. :)


  7. I'm going to respectfully disagree. I think the laces in the boots and the buttons on your skirt play off each other nicely. I agree with some of your assessments, like the Mexican bag being a bit loud for your muted outfit) but I quite like this outfit!


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