Monday, July 29, 2013

It's less dangerous than a flat out panic

DKNY Dress (thrifted)
Seychelles Leopard Print Wedges
Icing Necklace
Dockers Knee Socks
Leather Clutch (thrifted)

It was still cold this day, so a warmer dress with knee socks was nice. (I suppose I could have just worn pants.)  But after working on the roof and on the house all week, it was nice to put on a cute dress.   It's been a lot of work and were3 really trying to stay on top of everything since winter just isnt that far away.  At least the house is starting to look cuter on the inside,  I'll toot my own horn though and say that I'm a freaking awesome painter.  So fast even if I do the stationary Panic when a spider drops on me.

Patrick McManus reference aside, I finally got Ev hooked on those books.  My dad got me reading those at a very young age and they always delighted me so much, even to this day I can reread one and within a chapter be laughing so hard I'm crying.  Ev didn't really get the books until he went hunting with dad last fall and dad pulled a classic out, the good old "You go that way to the old logging road and we'll meet up a few miles down it.  You can't miss it!"

Hours later, Evan emerges from the woods....

If you've never read those books, I urge you do to so right now.  His tales about his dog Strange will kill you, mostly from not being about to breath while laughing so hard.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Like a bolt of sunshine

Old Navy Tee
Tibi Silk Maxi Skirt (ebay)
Shoemint Heels (ebay)
Mexican Handbag (gift from Ev's grandmother)
Silver Necklace (vendor at State Fair)
Silver and Iolite Necklace
Pearls and Florite Wrap Bracelet
F21 Spike Bracelet, Fred Meyer Wood Bracelet

One of my very favorite color pairing is gray with yellow, if a little turquoise is thrown in, all's the better!   I really adore this whole outfit and I think it shows off the Mexican handcrafted bag from Ev's grandmother so much better than the last time I wore it.  Bright and happy there.

I really made a concentrated effort about four months ago to really work over my closet and my spending habits.  I  have a lot of thrifted items that were pretty but didn't fit right or weren't my style and there's was way too much of "eh" old navy items.  It bummed me out to look in my closet and be like "I wish I could afford beautiful things like so and so or stuff like that.  I realized that if I was more careful about just saying no to items I did not love and saving for things that I truly drooled over, I could have garments I loved. (This was sadly all stuff I knew, but didn't practice very well.. It's shameful.)  I began watching ebay and every now and then I'd find something gorgeous for really, really cheap.  I  found some beautiful Elizabeth and James dresses for close to a 10th of what they normally cost, this stunning Tibi silk  skirt was a 5th of it's retail cost and is the perfect maxi skirt I'd been searching for.  I really love Joie clothing, their silks are gorgeous and the clothes are cut beautifully with fantastic patterns, but most of the time I cant afford to drop $200 for a blouse. (that's more than a few months of saving up for me.)  After being really diligent and watching  ebay, I've found a skirt I love to pieces and three dresses that are stunning. I also really like the Paul and Joe Sister  line but I haven't had much luck yet with finding the particular items I want but patience is a big part of the game.  I won't re-haul my whole wardrobe in one day, it takes time.  Right now though,  I'm really happy with where it's at.  I have in mind a few items I would love and I'm just going to watch for them.

Paige's Horse print skinny jeans (I love these, the colors are soft and the print is killer cool.  It's ponies you guys!)
Rag and Bone Booties (I found the exact pair I wanted but got outbidded at the last momment.  It really made me mad because I could have gotten them for $35 freaking dollars.  The other person got them for $35.50.  Grrrr...)
Rag and Bone floopy Fedora. (I showed this one to Ev so maybe it will be a christmas present.)
Jeffery Campbell Open Toe Booties.  (They mad shoes other than the Litas and whooooa, some of them are pretty.)
Tibi Printed silk Tank (I saw this one and it's stunning.)

It's not a long list, just things I really, really adore.  Most of our money right now it going to the house and repairs so it will be a while before I do any shopping.  It has been very helpful to have a list of very spicfic items I would like, it keeps me more focused on saving for them and being able to say no to that blouse at the thrift store.  That five dollars can go in the fund for some boots I love and will wear as much as my Dolce Vita one that some blouse that's kinda meh feeling.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Midnight in Montgomery

American Eagle Outfitters Jacket
French Connection for Sears Tank
Alexandra Grecco New York Tulle Skirt (ebay)
Madden Girl Studded Heels

These pictures were actually shot at midnight.  The moon had risen and the mist was starting to flow down the river into the  pond and dude, it just looked cool and freaky out. (The atmosphere matched my outfit better than the pictures I'd taken earlier in the day as well.)  I'm really trying to push myself when it comes to the photography and learn how to take an awesome picture without having to mess with the picture on the computer at all. (My pictures are untouched, the way they appear on the blog is the way they're taken with the camera.)  This light was tricky but really fun to play with.  Plus, a full moon and mist on the pond with an abandoned bus?  That's about perfect.

A while ago I decided I really wanted a tulle skirt, I love the way they move and while they're very, very feminine and not really practical(ahem) they just look pretty.  I researched all of the tulle skirts out and this was the one I really feel in love with.  It had seven layers of tulle, was well made and was this grayish blue rather than white. (A little too bridal for me.)  Unfortunately it was also really expensive.  Onward to ebay!  I found one for forty dollars but got outbid right at the last second, something that happens irritatingly too often, and I didn't get it.  A month later I found this one and while it was more than I wanted to pay for a frivolous item in my closet, I'd also been obsessing about it non stop.  I ended up buying it and yes, it's not practical and you should probably only spend more money on items you can wear all the time like great jeans but I love this skirt.  Sometimes,it's worth it to spend more on something that just really makes you smile when you wear it.

I swear, I'm going to make this a practical skirt just by wearing the living daylights out of it.  I did joke a while back about wearing a tutu to the barn, now I'm going to have to follow up on it.  At least Merrylegs will appreciate it, if only because he's trying to eat it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The night sky was softly lit

Express Dress (thrifted)
Marc Jacobs Scardigan (thrifted)
Charles by Charles David Wedges (thrifted)
Great Northwest Hat
Silver and Iolite Pendant
Mexican Handbag (gift)

This beautiful handbag was passed down to me by Evan's grandmother, she'd gotten it many years ago in Mexico and it's handcrafted from tiny gum wrappers.  It's really gorgeous and I feel so honored by Ev's grandmother deciding to pass it down to me.  There's something very special about items that your elders hand down, I have a travel chest from 1880 that my godfather gave to me as a graduation present, it's been in his family for over a hundred years at that point and that he gave me something that had been so cherished was overwhelming.
For someone to give me something that has been so lovingly cared for and treasured just honors me so much and means a great deal, it was beyond sweet of Ev's grandmother to give me such a lovely bag and it's something that I will treasure for the rest of my life, hopefully to pass along to Izzy someday.

All of that said, I was so excited to carry the bag that I'd didn't realize that it doesn't quite work with the outfit.  the bag is so bold and happy looking while this outfit is very soft and muted.(So like a very introverted person dating a crazy party animal.)    But I was really excited to wear this dress again and this cardigan was one of my lucky thrift store finds.  Every now and then I find some of the Marc Jacobs dresses at the thrift store but they're always cut for a long torso and I'm trying not to buy things that don't fit right.  This cardigan is really gorgeous and I feel pretty lucky to have found it in such nice shape.

Later this week Ev and I are going to take a break from all of the house repairs and work and go see Pacific Rim and get some dinner.  My little brothers went and saw it a few days ago and really enjoyed it. (It does have giant robots and monsters in it!  And directed by del Toro who usually does a really amazing job.)

I keep trying to take pictures at this one particular moment right when the sun starts to set.  We get a killer view and the light looks amazing coming through the trees.  I had just missed it by mere moments this time but at least it's more practice shooting in low level light.

Along this old road

American Eagle Hat
Vintage Leather Jacket (gift from my grandmother)
Gap Sweater (thrifted)
Sanctuary Jeans (thrifted)
DV by Dolce Vita Boots
Dooney and Burke Handbag (thrifted)
Silver and Iolite Pendant

Wow, I have really been out of the loop lately.  We've been working on re-roofing the house and helping my brother out with his cabin so there's been very little time for running to town to use the internet.   The roofing is going along well at least but we discovered there's a slew of brown recluse spiders on the property.  I'm scared enough as spiders as it is but spiders that bite you and rot the flesh right off?  Um, no thanks, that's why I live in Alaska!  (To stay away from horrible things like that...)  So we're doing a serious bug bombing of the house and we need to stay out for a couple hours right now.  

Anyways, I've been trying to stay on top of pictures, if just not the net. There so many great pictures spot on the property and along the road so I'm trying to take a little advantage of them.  This is one of the side roads leading out into the marsh and it's just a crazy cool looking area out there.  We regularly see moose hanging out, there's a mom with twins, a two year old male who's pretty goofy(tries to hide behind trees when he sees people but neglects to hide more than just his head) and an older male.  My dad and Ev are really pumped up for Bow Hunting this year, it's legal along this road and it's going to be the first year they both get to do it.  I secretly hope they don't get the two year old moose, he's quite a character.

I do want to apologize for the state of my posts lately!  Good grief, I reread and few and I don't know how anyone was able to make any sense of those!  I'll try to be a bit better about proof reading.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Hat A Day...

MichaelMichael Kors Blouse (thrifted)
Skirt (thrifted)
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Elaphent Bag (thrifted)
Seychelles Boots
American Eagle Hat
Vintage Silver Cuff (thrifted)

Yikes, it was not good lighting.   That pairing with me feeling like this was a "meh" outfit kind of made for not very inspired pictures.  I guess those days happen, where you just throw on clothes but I'm not quite sure why I don't like this outfit.  The proportions seem okay which is usually what makes me dislike an outfit, maybe it's the boots?  Heels didn't really fit the vibe of the outfit but they probably would have looked a lot more "leg lengthening."  Maybe I should give in a buy some of those miraculous nude shoes that the style magazines go on and on about.  

In other news, since I'm trying really hard not to go on about the house in every post, I've been helping out a friend with her Bed and Breakfast for the past few days.  It's a fun change of pace and I've know her for about 13 years now so it makes me happy I can help her out.  She's a freaking amazing woman and runs three business, I have no idea how she has any energy at all.  One business about drove me crazy!  Her B&B is so adorable though, we have similar taste in decorating so we both get really excited about furniture and fabrics, she found this gorgeous studded leather, western style sofa that is to die for, we both were drooling over it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad guys are cooler in westerns

Old Navy Hat and Blouse J.Brand Waxed Jeans (ebay)
DV by Dolce Vita Boots
Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Vintage Silver Cuff (thrifted)

I didn't get many pictures of it but I really liked this outfit.   We re-watched Appaloosa last night and Jeremy Irons had this really awesome hat with silver studs in the movie.  I had a long leather band so I tried to replicated the look but eh, at least it's a little interesting.   It was fun to re-watch that movie again, the first time I saw it just because dude, it's Viggo, Ed Harris and Jeremy Irons in one movie and Viggo and Ed are like the best movie pairing EVER. (I do mean this, A History of Violence?  Ed Harris is so awesome with a scarred up eye..)   I didn't think very much of Appaloosa the first time around aside from the great dialog but after watching it again and thinking about it, I realized it's actually sort of brilliant. It's really an interesting portrayal of a old gunslinger trying to retire, a idea that has been done like a million times but well done in this case.  (And again, can we just talk about Jeremy Irons' voice?)   I really enjoy the western genre so it's fun to see the newer westerns coming out and seeing how they stack up next to the older ones.

They are the state bird you know...

Old Navy Dress
Great Northwest Hat
Jeffery Campbell (second hand on ebay)
Dooney and Burke Handbag (thrifted)
Sears Cuff
Vintage Silver Rings

I paid dearly for these photos.  I got back inside and I looked like I'd been stung by a pack of bees, huge welts all over my arms and legs.  The mosquito this year are EVIL, I've never had a reaction like that to bug bites but for what I've heard, everyone is having the same problem.  One of my friends' little baby got a few bug bites and ohmygosh, the poor little thing had these huge, raised up welts and just looked miserable.   It's the worst I remember the mosquito ever being and I use to live near the Little Su River where they're like a wall of bugs during the summer.

I finally got some scheduled posts together so hopefully these week I'll have a few more posts than normal and not do the "dump all of the pictures into one post" deal that I've been doing.