Friday, June 28, 2013

Way Back Then

Old Navy Denim Vest and Boots
American Eagle Outfitters Palm Print blouse
J.Brand Jeans (gift)
Leather Clutch (thrifted)
Icing rings and Earrings

Since I won't be taking any new pictures this week and I'm doing scheduled posts, I thought I'd catch up on the backlog of outfits.  This outfit was from the end of May, when everything was still pretty brown and I wasn't shooting with the f1.8 lens. (I took the broken one in and because it was my fault, it wast covered under the warranty.  Ev was sweet and got me a new f1.8 for mother's day and while the lens does not make a photographer, the f1.8 takes such pretty pictures!)    

This outfit is okay, there's the whole double denim thing going on but hey, the 90s are coming back around again, right?  I heard some kid call Hootie and the Blowfish "retro" the other day.... That just about dropped me, I'm NOT old enough for them to be retro!   I do remember trying to match my denim jacket perfectly with my jeans back then thought so at least I've made some progress since then.  (I also thought my overalls with Winnie the Pooh were the best thing ever so it's not like I had far to go to make an improvement.)


  1. Double denim is something I really like and that bag is phantastic, I love it. If you wanna get rid of it send it over! ;)

  2. Did you know that Darius Rucker now sings AWESOME bluegrass? For real. Love it.

  3. I love the denim on denim like this! And I used to match my double denim like years and years ago. Not a pretty sight.

  4. I do quite like how you've got a palm tree print blouse while wandering in the woods. I love it! Plus, denim on denim when done right (aka: not matched washes ;) haha) is great!
    Good luck with your move, and I'm looking forward to see the photos you've kept in hiding from us

    Trendy Teal

  5. Hahhaha, the 90's never left, so no worries there :D Awesome top and your bag is my fav ^_^

  6. wow, your outfits get autumn'ish! how are the temperatures over there? is it chilly? (the thing is I have only worn short clothes and it's slightly odd to see something longer, hehe) anyway, I love the denim on denim look and you totally rock it with those (summery!) palm trees. pretty brilliant, I must say ;) I just adore that clutch as well. it's truly gorgeous!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. That denim on denim looks great! Also, I'm in love with your purse. Thrift finds are the best! :)

    ♥ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  8. This is cute cute cute! Love the palm tree shirt and the great tooled leather bag!


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