Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Redo: Who wears short shorts?

American Eagle Outfitters Hat and Lace Tank
Fred Meyer Black Top (Pretty sure these things use to be called tube tops, but now they're "fancy")
Theory Shorts (thrifted)
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Craft Fair Bag (Christmas gift from one of my brothers)
Seychelles Boots
Rings- A mix of vintage silver and costume from Icings
Bracelets - Mix of Vintage Silver and coral, AE and thrifted
Necklace - Long AE pendent, short pendent is vintage silver and turquoise

I have a few scheduled posts set up for this week, so hopefully these will work!  (You know, me and this new fangled technology.  Seriously, you would laugh to see me struggling with the phone now.  It's like, where do I make a call from?)  Anyways, I'm crossing my fingers that this will work.  I'll be checking in every now and then from my parents' internet until we get our own set up at the new house.

Another outfit redo, I wore these shorts last summer with a loose white blouse but dude, that outfit makes me cringe.  Shorts were too tight and for the love of deep fried cheesecake, why did I think pairing high, high wedges was a great idea?  It's like a one way ticket to hookerville in that outfit. (Alright, it's not the worst thing ever, I really need one of those 90s tube tops and some see through platform heels for that look to carry through.)

Ugh, okay maybe in theory but in practice, it's just a no.  The shorts are a little looser now which saved them from the current closet purge but I went again with a loose white top but flat boots to balance out all of the leg.  It makes me laugh sometimes looking back through my previous posts, it really makes me shake my head over some of the things I wore. At least it's been fun trying to redo some of the outfits and seeing if I can figure out how to make it work now.

Huh, I just I should just admit to my apparent scarf obsession now.  It's almost as bad as the hat obsession.


  1. I just can repeat: Dying your hair in red was a great idea, your eyes are so pretty and with the redd you can't overlook them! This years combination of the shorts is a real upgrade in style, love your combination! and I can understand your cheesecake passion ;)

  2. Definitely prefer this years combination, really a style upgrade! And it was such a great idea to colour your hair red. Your eyes really sparkle now! And I agree with your cheesecake passion ;)

  3. Honestly I don't think the older outfits too bad. But the new one definitely looks better! Gosh, every time I read your blog I feel like I need to buy tons of turquoise rings!

  4. This look is MUCH better! The long lace top and the flowy scarf totally soften the look. And with your hair loose it looks much more romantic and less harsh.

  5. Heehee, scarves and hats, yup, you've got that combo down pat!
    And amazing how redoing outfits can change your take on a piece, huh? I like going back to see what I use to wear (yes, many a cringe as well) but know that at least now I can style it better. I love your take on the shorts and your practical boots in the forest.

    Trendy Teal

  6. Wow, what a difference! You had the "bones" of the outfit before - easy-fitting white top and shorts - but this time around it's fully realized. You are a pro at bringing together a lot of interesting textures and patterns - the lace and silky scarf look beautiful together, and the necklace peeping out is fun, too - in a nonchalant way - it never looks like you're trying too hard. :)

  7. I don't know why I'm so behind on your posts, coming to your blog always makes me so happy! Your photos are always gorgeous and I always love every single thing you wear. What a difference from a year ago! I feel like your style has really grown up in the past year. I love this effortless cool girl look you have going on here, it's so hard for people (ahem, me) to achieve. This lace tank is such a great piece!

  8. I think adding all of the interesting accessories this time around made it a better outfit. The necklaces, the scarf, the hat. Perfection!

  9. I really like the new outfit, you've really narrowed down and defined your style this last year. The one with the wedges isn't bad but I do prefer the outfit with the layers. That bag is so great!


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