Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hot Summer Days

Great Northwest Hat and Scarf
American Eagle Outfitters Tank
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Old Navy Shorts
Seychelles Heels
Dooney and Burke Handbag (thrifted)
Bracelet (thrifted)
Icing Ring

It' been really warm lately.  Temps read 96 degrees at our place today and one friend mentioned that it was over 100 at her house so it was definitely a shorts day.  Actually, a nude day might have felt a lot nicer if it wasn't for the admirable mosquito crop this year.  (Well, and sunburn.  And stares.  There's not much of a nudist community up here.)

After all of my complaining last night, we got word today that the old owners should be out by this weekend and we can move in Monday.  I was starting to get a little freaked out with how much the dates kept getting moved back and back so it's a huge relief to realize that we'll be in the new house and out of our old place before the first of the month.   Now I just feel really excited to finally get everything really going and dude, after painting everything white, I can not wait to paint the walls in our home something OTHER than white.  In fact, Im just really excited to decorate.  It feels like when you rent, it's just not really your space to do what you want so being able to paint the bedroom rust is just blowing my mind.  (OHMYGOSH, drapes!  Paint!  Flooring!  Planting a real garden! I know, I'll try not to go on and on about it but I am excited.)

Im also kind of excited about movies this summer.  Ev's got more time off this summer so we get to actually go do stuff, things like watching movies.  Pacific Rim looks really cool and it's not just because I'll watch any movie del Toro puts out, I'll watch any movie with robots and giant lizards attacking.    We're going to have to see World War Z just because we're both hardcore zombie nerds and then there's the new Lone Ranger movie coming out.  I have such a soft place in my heart for that franchise, it was one of the first chapter book series  my mom read to us as kids and I've always been an avid fan of any movie/tv show version.  But then, any show with cute ponies I'm usually a fan of.  Remember Rainbow Brite?  I was in love with Starlight, I so wanted a pony that could talk and run on rainbows.

Speaking of ponies, what's funnier than a six and half foot tall dude grazing a short, fat pony?

Answer, not much.  The neighbors though he was walking his dog for a moment.


  1. So glad you got your house issues worked out!! I was worried for you! And seriously? It's like 20 degrees warmer in Alaska than Ohio. What crazy universe is this! PS love your outfit!

  2. Really great you finally can move in now!! Your outfit is very nice, love your jewelry.

  3. Bahaha, that's one big dog! xD
    Also, love that scarf, hat, and teal tank! ;) From winter layers to summer layers, you do it right and effortlessly.
    Glad to hear you're house issue has been resolved. At last!
    And oh man, I'm hoping to go see World War Z with some friends when it comes out - zombie nerd right here!

    Trendy Teal

  4. I really like the combo of that top and scarf. such lovely shades of teal and green. and what a great match with the hat as well. oh and that thrifted bracelet, what an amazing find that is! btw, I haven't thrifted for such a long time. I even can't remember the last time anymore so I should definitely do something about it. but yeah, lately time just passes by, days go by and I have so much to do. I haven't even blogged and now I feel pretty bad about it but I'm working on a new post and I hope I can publish it already soon :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Congrats on almost being in your new house! I expect an extreme amount of pictures of how you'll beautifully decorate the place. I can't wait to see what colors you choose! :D

    You seems to pull of scarves so effortlessly. Me, whenever I wear a scarf with my hair down it looks bulky and like my hair is trying to rebel against my head. But you look so graceful with your tresses flowing down. And those colors are perfect for spring.

    Also, hello fellow zombie nerd. ^-^


  6. Again, you wear a hat better than anyone I know. The hat with this look is the perfect touch.

    And congrats on finally getting to do what YOU want with your living space!! It's so much fun.


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