Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hats off

Great Northwest Hat
Fred Meyer Scarf and Crochet Top
Old Navy Cami and Denim Shorts
American Eagle Flats
Icing Earrings and Rings
B. Makowsky Leather Handbag (thrifted)

I suppose the repeating theme for me this summer is tee shirts, flats and shorts/short skirts.  Hmmm, I need to work a little variety in there but man, it's nice just to slip on a pair of flats when you've got a ton to do. (Not to mention that one does look a bit silly hauling wood/painting/ect in high heels.  Dress for the occasion, right?)

Hats.  Lots of hats this summer as well, I might have a tiny obsession with them.


  1. I would add dressing for feeling good and comfy! love your summer uniform, the top is so nice!

  2. oh wow, I was just thinking about combining a white shirt/top with denim shorts and here you are, wearing the exact same thing! how crazy is this!? anyway, I of course love the outfit very very much, Katie, and I also adore the bag. gosh and it's thrifted, wow wow wow! I think your outfits just keep getting better and better and better and I always find a new favourite. oh and hats are totally your "thing". red lippie too, definitely!
    when it comes to hard times I think things are getting better (on Friday my vacation will start and my birthday is on Friday as well :). I and my fiance will go to Finland next Tuesday and Midsummer will come and... haha, so many things to look forward to! so I really really hope your things are getting only better as well because it always sucks to read about your blogging buddies' issues. all in all after bad always comes good and I believe everything happens for a reason. BUT when YOU still happen to have something you want to share or discuss, always feel free to e-mail me :) and I will do the same.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. great outfit I love all pieces ;) Have a nice day :) Hat and scarf <3

  4. Woo! Love the hat. And the lace shirt....and basically everything here. The colors are so beautiful and summery. I've been looking for a lace shirt like that for awhile. I love that one!


  5. Haha, I know, I've been in flats and sandals a LOT lately! I've missed my heels actually.
    You and your hats - you just wear them so well too :)
    Aw, and you know I'm a faithful blog follower! You've always got such fantastic photography mixed in with your fashion, and I love it. Plus, the random rambles and pony tales keep me entertained ;)

    Trendy Teal

  6. I like all the smiles in your pictures today. And the outfit is cute, too (love that top and the hat).

  7. A friend of mine just asked for hat suggestions and since I don't really wear them I'll be scouring your blog for ideas!

  8. It's absolutely fine to be obsessed with hats! I love them and wish I actually wore mine more often. I really love yours here. Your floral scarf looks absolutely wonderful with your pretty lace top too.


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