Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garage sales

Banana Repubic Vest (thrifted)
FrenchConnection for Sears Top
Old Navy Shorts
Leather Handbag (no label - thrifted)
Jeffery Campbell Flats
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Sears Cuff
Icing Earrings and Ring

This is what I wore over the weekend while we held a garage sale, definitely dressing for comfort that day.   This silk scarf really became a staple this weekend and I finally figured out some new ways to style this vest I thrifted last summer. (Wear it with shorts.  That's abut it, I'm not terribly creative these days.)  Looking back through pictures now I really miss the warmer weather, it dipped back down to 50 degrees today with rain, so bummer.  Heh, I'll try to be positive and think of it as preparing for the fishing trip, I think it's rained every single time we've gone to Chitna and we've been going down there to the Cooper River for over 15 years now for dip netting.  It's actually going to be Ev's first time dip netting this year, the timing has never really worked out for him to make the trip before so he's pretty excited about it.  Wooo road trips, tents and rain.  (And mmmm, fish!)

I know, I've been talking about the fishing trip a bit but it's always fun to take a break from the normal routine and I love the drive down there, it's just crazy pretty and gorgeous.   The kids are also really good about long drive so that helps makes road trips fun as well.

Getting back to the garage sale, it went off and on, we manage to sell a decent amount so that's less stuff to haul.  The people you meet at garage sales though!  We had one guy who kept trying to talk us down to $25 dollars per tire for a set of brand new, on the rims truck tires.  Tires are like gold up here and usually go for way over that so it was pretty entertaining listening to him complain that he'd have to adjust the tires to fit his truck so we should just give them to him at a low price because of all of the trouble he'd have to go through.  Sure thing there dude.


  1. THOSE SHOES. Have I seen those before on you? Who cares, they are gorgeous. And this really is the perfect garage sale outfit. This is making me seriously want to go garage sale-ing soon!

  2. Haha, that guy with the tires. Honestly...some people... Anyways, love all the layers of this outfit!


  3. Oh girl you are so beautiful! and that hair colour :-)) Are those shorts made of jeans or are they just shorts?

  4. I love your shoes, too! Super cute. And, yeah, people think that garage sale prices should be dirt cheap!

  5. Hahaha, that guy at the garage sale? Yeah, that's how my mom is at garage sales...it's bad. She's such a haggler! I say it's because of where she grew up. In the Philippines, its a common practice to do whenever you go out shopping in markets. But sometimes I feel embarrassed because I already know the item she's haggling over is at a really good price -_-
    Ah well!
    Anyway, I lerrrrrv your scarf! Girl, you and your floppy hats and scarves are making me wish I had all my stuff organized at the apartment. I've got half my stuff back home at my parents and half moved out. Ugh!

    Trendy Teal

  6. oh that outfit: the jewelry, the vest, the scarf, the whole ensemble. glad you had a successful garage sale. while you described the drive of the fishing trip, i thought to myself, isn't alaska mostly pretty?

  7. You rock these scarves! You make me wish I had a larger collection because they look so cute on you. I really love the flats you're wearing too. Also your makeup looks gorgeous here!


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