Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eaten Alive

Scarf (gift)
Pacsun Lace Dress
Double-Wrap Leather Belt (thrifted)
MichaelMichael Kors Leather Sandels (thrifted)
Dooney and Burke Handbag (thrifted)

This has been such a year for the misquitos!  They are out with a vengance this year and not only do the bits hurt, but they actually leave huge welts.  Every place in town had run out of bug dope, whole years supplies gone in just a month, so it's really bits right now. (Heh, bad puns...)

Anyways, all of the bug complaining is to excuse my poor photos.  I didn't pack any bug dope and I got eaten alive so the pictures were very, very hurried.  Um, I was wearing a dress and I like my sandals.   I think that's about all I have in me for today, the past few days have been insanely hot and its only suppose to get worse.  This would be bad normally but we're dry-walling and taping tomorrow so yeah.....that's going to be fun.

Forgive me everyone, I'm really hurried at the moment.  I'm just getting on the net before bed and we're moving out at the end of the week and I don't know how long it will take to get internet service at the new house.  Our providers up here are pretty lazy about getting around to places out of town(read:it took my parents FIVE years to get internet at their house and they're on a fairly well developed road.) so I might be offline for a while.  Thank you to everyone who's been putting up with my inattention and infrequent blogging and visits, you all are way to sweet and it just means the world to me to log on and visit.  Thanks guys, you rock.


  1. I have mosquito bites on my feet and toes right now that I am sitting here itching. I hope you have a good move and your online status is back on soon. I can't imagine a world without the internet.

  2. Die of heat from leg protection or die of bleeding by scratching at a billion mosquito bites? The world is full of tough choices ... I chose the second today and am now suffering the consequences. Spoiler: my legs are still itchy, but now they're red and blotchy too! (haha okay, now I'm done complaining on your blog. ;)

  3. Mosquitos are like devil's beast for me! During the night the come so close to my ear that i can't sleep!!! Btw this place is beautiful and i love your outfit!

    visit my blog if you like at

  4. I totally know what you mean about the mosquitos, I was out this weekend and got so many huge welts just from being outside for like, 10 minutes! Love the sandles and dress, too :)

    Just discovered your blog, newest follower right here!

  5. Ive also been bitten up like crazy! Love that pretty lace dress! good luck with the move!

  6. Ahhh! I hope it doesn't take 5 years for you to get internet service!! Also, a few summers ago we ran out of bug spray and when my husband went to buy more all the stores were out. It was crazy. I lucked out and only got three bites this past week on vacation but I've already scratched them until they scabbed over and then scratched off the scab. Classy, huh?

  7. Love that black lace dress! So sorry about the mosquitos though...hate those darn things. And gosh...5 years? to get internet? How did they survive??

  8. I can't believe you get mosquitos in Alaska! They're the worst. Good luck with the move!

  9. Love the black lace dress with the cognac/earth-tone accessories! Very chic. :)
    Mosquitoes love me, but I've found that putting a Bounce dryer sheet in my pocket results in less bites. I don't know if it works for everyone, but I was happy to find a way to wander around a garden with my camera and not go home with dozens of welts!
    I hope your move goes smoothly and that your Internet is up and running soon! :)

  10. Um, yeah, make sure you whip those guys into setting up the internet where you're moving to...I'd hate to go without a Katie-update for FIVE YEARS! 0_o Lol
    Oh man, mosquitoes are a nightmare! I still remember the ones in the Philippines...ugh, they had a taste for Americans, that's all I can say -_-
    Loooove this pretty dress and your perfectly matched scarf and accessories!

    Trendy Teal

  11. love the last two pics of you in that post, black suits you so well. I think black lace and red hair is an all time fave of mine. Didn't know that you have mosquitos in alaska, definitely have to visit you when I ever should do a trip over there ;) love your blog, too and have a crush on it, so glad we met!

  12. I think these pictures are lovely! I found your blog through Introvert's Introduction and I must say I am smitten! You are so pretty - I love your hair color!! And I'm feeling that dress. It works so well with that scarf.

    I'm going to Alaska next month (so excited!), but I'm worried about the mosquitoes. I get tons of bug bites and they get huge and red and gross. I guess I better make sure to bring my own bug spray!!

    - Hannah
    she could be a pharmer in those clothes

    PS I love your blog name :)

  13. Ugh yeah the mosquitoes are really bad this year!
    At least you look really cute even though you got eaten alive. I love your black lace dress. The scarf is perfect with it. You always wear scarves so nicely!


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