Saturday, June 22, 2013

Do Over

Scarf (thrifted)
Jessica Simpson Jacket (thrifted)
Old Navy Tee Shirt
Levis (gift from my grandma)
Seychelles Heels
Dooney and Burke Handbag (thrifted)
Icing Rings

I wear skinny jeans far more often than I wear bootcut jeans because trying to wrap your jeans so that your chaps will zip up in not fun.  (Jeggings are usually pretty comfy to ride in as well, they move well and usually don't have seams that will rub on your legs.)  My grandmother who is also an advid thrifter, found these jeans, along with some awesome leather jackets, at her local thrift store in Colorado.  She brought a whole box of clothes and horse related items up with her this summer and she was sweet enough to give these jeans to me.  The jeans are in really good shape, I don't think they've even been worn.   (And thank you so much grandma!)

This out is a redo of this outfit I wore last year.  I've always been a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl but with trying to move my style out of the "teenager" zone and more into an adult look, I sort of lost my way as how to wear such a simple outfit.

Not a huge amount of changes but wow, do they make a difference. Darker wash jeans look more saturated and balanced with the utility style jacket and I swaped the fussy blouse out for a simple gray tee shirt.  (You can never go wrong with a gray tee shirt, they're even better than that holy grail of all tees, the perfect white tee.)  Rather than a hat, I went with a patterned scarf and some simple boots to complete the look.  And look at that, I apparently dyed my hair to match my scarf.  It's a good thing I don't have a purple scarf, I'm not sure I could pull off lavender hued hair.

I should mention that Ev took the photos, he was really sweet and listened to me.  I had a very particular mental image of what I wanted and he did a great job of capturing that on camera.  Thanks hon and I'm sorry for being so bossy.


  1. The first picture is absolutely gorgeous! You look so mysterious and chic! The landscapes are amazing, such a wonderful piece of nature!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. nice your first pic..

  3. really wonderful how you redid your outfit! I love you with that red hair colour! The look really looks aduld in both pics, but I prefer the shoes in outfit no 2!

  4. Hi Katie, so impressed by these crystal clear images, if I ever need camera tips, I know who to ask ;)
    I live in skinnies too, I find the fit more flattering and they are easier to wear with boots. These are a really great fit. The red hair suits you so beautifully, I always thought it was your natural shade. Hope you're having a warm and relaxing weekend.

  5. So cool to see both pictures :) LOVE the elephant ring and your hair though! I think the dark wash jeans look great and I love skinny jeans!

  6. Haha, reading that last bit about being a bossy model totally reminds me of shoots with my mom. I'll order her around until she's shooting me the evil eye to warn me I better remember my place xD
    Anyway, these dark wash bootcut jeans are great! I practically live in skinny fit pairs, but these are making me rethink that. Of course, with the heat we're experiencing, I'll have to tuck this outfit idea away for a cooler day...

    Trendy Teal

  7. Hi Katie,

    I haven't been blogging much or even peeking around at my blog buddies sites; I have a new job with the state of Indiana and the training is looonnnggg and involves a bit of interstate travel, so I've been really busy lately. I miss my special blogging friendships!

    Your outfit looks fantastic with the switch to the dark wash jeans. Its so nice to see your pictures in such beautiful grassy green settings!

    Hope all is well with you and I sure do miss reading your blog every day!

  8. hehe, I wanted to say these photos are really good! your man (and you, of course) did a great job! but not only the photos are good. your outfit is pretty awesome as well. a bit autumn-ish but still very good. and you're so right about your hair matching the scarf. I've noticed the same thing several times actually :) oh and I always love your thrifted handbags. they're always so classy and fabulous. yeah, but I still feel like autumn when I look at those pictures. it's not a bad thing of course because autumn means layering ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. The second picture of this set made me literally gasp out loud and how perfect it is. Your hair and the scarf. The neutral colors with the dark jeans that make you look a million miles tall. That jacket that I wish was in my closet. I would wear this outfit in a second!!

  10. I love these dark wash Levi's! They look great on you! This is definitely a fantastic grown-up jeans outfit. I think the scarf really adds a lot to this look.

  11. This is a wonderful outfit and an equally wonderful set of photos (good teamwork!). I really enjoyed reading how your has style evolved; it was a great study in contrasts. The newer outfit is a total hit in my boots, plus your hair looks awesome!


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