Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chitna 2013

Last weekend my family along with my dad, two of my brothers and my little sister made the long trip from Fairbanks down to the Cooper River to get our yearly amount of salmon.  We use dip nets when we fish and because the Cooper River is such a scary river, everyone ties off with ropes just in case someone does fall in.  (It's a frightening river, if you fall in, you don't come back out so everyone treats it as a very serious thing when we go down to fish.)

We limited out the first night we were there than to a really heavy run of fish so after cleaning up the fish, we packed back up and head home.  It was a quicker trip than usual but it's exciting getting to see all of that fish in the freezer!  We really depend on the fish we catch every year to supplement our feed bills, even though we do have grocery stores and no sales tax, it's still very expensive.

 I don't have any pictures of the Cooper River this year but I did get some pictures of the lake behind Chitna and some pictures of the town itself.  As you can see, it's a hot bed of activity.

We got lucky and scored a prime camping spot this year, it was set back into the woods a little bit right next to a little crick.  the crick was only six inches at the deepest spot so the kids had a ton of fun playing around in it.  It was also a nice little crick for cleaning out the fish!

And just as proof that I am putting on clothes and not looking like a total slob...

Whoops, scratch that.


  1. great pictures You are a great ambasador of your country ;)

  2. nomnom salmon! My parents went to the russian river a couple days ago, but so far we haven't gotten any yet. Crossing our fingers for next time!

  3. I can't tell you how much this makes me want to go camping! This looks so fun and I love all the pictures :)

  4. Gah, its been forever since I've gone camping with my family...this makes me miss it! And confession time...I've never gone fishing. -_- True, I may be allergic to seafood, but not THAT allergic. I still want to go someday!

    Trendy Teal

  5. Hahaha, you're not looking like s lob!!!
    Yum, salmon....O_O Now I have a craving for fish...
    I always love your photo! They remind me of the simpler times, when people used their brains and hands to make a living <3

  6. The picture of the town cracks me up! At least they have a hotel?? And a camping trip is totally a time to dress for warmth, comfort, and practicality so no judgement here :-)

  7. I hope you treasure these photos for years. That photo of your children with their arms around each other melted my heart!


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