Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's the Deal

American Eagle Outfitters Denim Jacket and Hat
Sears Blouse (very, very old)
Urban  Vibe Belt
Pacsun Skirt (once a upon a time a dress)
Old Navy Wedges
Leather Clutch (No label, thrifted)
Vintage Silver and Aquamarine Ring

Told you I wear this jacket a lot.  This skirt probably look a little familiar but it's undergone some changes since it was last mistaken for palazzo pants. (Yeah, I admit, it did look like palazzo pants in this post.  And I think I'm spelling that correctly, spell check evidently has no idea what that word is.)   Now that I've turned the dress into a skirt, I'm really please with it, it's a length that i really like for a maxi and it's easy to walk in but I think I need to sew a wide elastic belt in, the skirt rides a little low on the hips.

I've really tried to change how and what I buy.  I know it's something tha'ts been floating around the blogging world for a little while now, but I'm tried of buying fast fashion.  I don't really have access to that much of it up here since we have a serious lack of stores but after doing a serious purge of my closet in preparation for moving, I realized that I'm unhappy with a decent portion of it.  Yeah, thanks to thrifting I can find some amazing items but I think I have a habit to over look fit in favor of price and brand and that was not a benefit   I want items in my closet that I really love and that reflect what I want my style to be and I don't want to just buy, buy, buy.  (Well, I don't have the budget for that!)  I want to put thought into what I have and what I'd like and I'm going to start being a lot more careful about what I get.  I'm really finicky about my shoes and my handbags and I need to apply that to my clothes, rather than getting items that are "sorta close" to what I want, I'm going to save up and wait until I find what I really want.

This is also a reflection of what happened over in Bangladesh   I know the factory collapsing got overshadowed by the attack in Boston but over 450 people died, all in the name of cheap clothes.  That's sad on so many levels.  I already try not to shop at stores that have a history of unfair practices towards their employees (ie WALMART I'M LOOKING AT YOU, YOU SPAWN OF SATAN.) but it's such a huge issue, I don't really know how to approach it.  Adored Austin has been doing a really fantastic job of trying to purchase only US, fair trade items and she really puts a lot of thought into it.  I'd like to try to figure out how to purchase items from companies that only have good track records and I think this goes back to not being a mindless consumer and putting more thought into what I'd like in my closet.   So in summer, I'm really just rambling because this is a huge, huge topic and I have no idea how to approach it, other than I'm tired of companies like Walmart, Target and F21 getting our money and then treating people like shit. (In cases like  this, people dying.    That really, really sucks and I don't want to contribution to it.  And now I sound all holier than thou.  This was not a well thought out post.)

Yeah, that's a bit much for a Sunday night.  I'll have to type up another [post when I've thought this through better but I am curious about what everyone else thinks.  Quality vs quantity in your closet and does company ethics factor in at all with your purchases? Does this even matter, or do you think the older generations had it correct with buying just a few items that lasted forever?

As proof that I am trying to only buy items I love and have ut thought into, here what I wore yesterday, featuring items that I wear all of the time.  (All thing I thought about for a long time, hunted down for a bargain and now wear a lot.  Like this denim jacket.)

Great Northwest hat, American Eagle Denim Jacket and Tee Shirt, J.Brand Jeans, DV by Dolce Vita Boots, Vintage Leather Handbag(thrifted)

As a warning, I did not proof read this post at all, it's all sort of on the fly but I was on a roll.  Sorry about that.


  1. Really love your agumentation! We over here have a lack of thrift stores, what is really sad. People here don't like to buy used clothes, they wat everything to be new, new, new, without thinking about how it could have been produced for such a very low price. I think it's really hard for us costumers to find out were the clothes actually have been produced, even on a higher price range. But if you buy quality clothing made from good materials, you can keep them for a long time and combine them in so many different ways. Maybe that helps a bid against that funky throw away fashion kinda thing. Love your purse xx

  2. Are there any companies left, who treat their employees the way they should be treated? Hardly. Even the famous brands are counting on cheap labor. And I really don't believe that to stop buying from those shops is going to matter at all. There are so many people who will continue to buy, no matter what, that there would be no effect whatsoever over the company.
    It's like the vegetarian "trend". "Oh I'm not going to eat animals, because it's wrong". Shut up! You, not eating animals won't mean shit, and it won't have any effect on the planet whatsoever. Instead, try doing something meaningful, build a shelter, or something...
    Sorry for the angry rambling, but I get frustrated when people act all concerned about the environment and other people's hardships, and decide to support them with some meaningless cause, thinking they've done something incredible.

    I do agree with you, that if you don't want to contribute to "Wallmart's" evil doings, you should leave them rot and try a different store with a clear conscious. And I applaud you for that, and I applaud you even more because you've made your choice on your own and not show off with it, like most people do. :)

    And I can see why you're wearing that jacket a lot, it looks fantastic! Love both the outfits, but the first one is my fav, because you look like a lady from "Gone with the wind" so fancy! ^_^

    1. Word to everything you just said. It's like raising "awareness" for cancer, it's sort of pointless. I'm not really sure how to go about this whole thing, I think that thrifting is good because it keeps clothes from the landfill and I'm not sure that buying "eco friendly" clothes is really the smart thing to do. (Organic cotton is pretty evil stuff, because they can't use pesticides there's been a rise in cases of malaria in Africa around cotton fields so wanting eco friendly goods at the cost of people's lives really isn't right.) It such a huge issue that it really over whelms me, but I'm going to try not to be such a mindless consumer. I don't need all of the things! :P
      And thanks Keit. I always like your thoughts because you don't bullshit around the truth and you don't pretend everything is sparkly and shiney.

  3. Oooh, your rant posts always spark the best debates. I'm completely with you on this one though. I've definitely been more picky about what I buy and thrift. Its added up to a closet that I love!
    As for cheap labor and that topic, I'd have to hand it to Keit on this one. Aha, she nailed it on the head.
    This dress converted into a lovely maxi skirt - love it! Also, check you out in that belt and floppy hat. Man, I'm telling you, I'm going to wear my hat soon. I will...once the wind dies down. Its been gusting like crazy here -.-

    Trendy Teal

  4. I love these two different outfit post in one :) Great black hat.I am hat lover :)

  5. That skirt is so cute, I love the leopard print and both outfits with the jean jacket look great:) I especially love the cool pants in the second outfit!

    And i'm very much on the fence on this issue of the ethical factor of buying clothes. In a class I took at school last year, we had a whole discussion about this and it's almost like a catch-22. There was this video about how yes, many really big companies like Nike are most definitely not treating their employees right. It's dangerous and the wages are really low and then there's the whole issue with children working sweatshops when they should be going to school. And while watching this video, I completely agreed. But then the video got to a part where they interviewed a man from China who was working at this dangerous factory where a lot of the times, workers would lose fingers or toes from the machines. But that he had to work there anyway because he otherwise wouldn't be able to feed his family. But then again, he could just be saying that so that the Chinese government won't come after him because of the censorship issue there too. I think boycotting stores like Target, Forever 21 might work (because yes, I completely agree with you that they shouldn't be treating their workers like that), but I think something else that might work would be to help the workers directly by sponsoring their children to go to school so that at least their children won't have to work and by getting an education, can create a better future and to not get stuck in that vicious cycle. (There's actually an organization called the peach foundation that my family donates to to help sponsor kids education!)

    And yes yes yes! I agree with you on the comment you made on my post about organizations that actually help. Awareness is important but more important is actually doing something and using the money to help people or animals!

    1. I had to comment because I just watched a documentary about universities in China and how the privately owned schools are completely ripping off students and there's this huge influx of university graduates now can't find jobs. (I think they said like 2 million a year.) It really does seem like a no win situation because you WANT people to have jobs but I think so much of it goes back to companies making record profits. I know it seems naive and it won't happen, but it would be nice to see a company that's like "You know what? Rather than make a profit of 5 billion this quarter, lets pay our employees a living wages, not treat them like shit and make our factories safe and we'll only make 4.5 billion this quarter." It really seems like a sense of personal responsibility at the end of the day and I think it's something that's been lost on a lot of these larger businesses. Maybe the unions needs to come back full force, they had they're problems but it's really discouraging to see worker rights so trampled upon.

      It was really great to get your thoughts on this Joyce, especially since you just started your own business and you're donating all of the profits towards charity. It's really admirable and I think it's people like you that are actually going to change this.

  6. That leopard print maxi skirt is so pretty on you! I've been wearing my denim jacket like crazy too, to the point where I should probably stop because people are prob tired of looking at it! haha.

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Haha well your Walmart comment had me laughing. See, I used to work at Walmart...never again. NEVER again.

    So....I realized I have no money. So I definitely have to stop my buying of new clothes. But, that's good 'cause then I have more reason to be really careful what I buy. I have definitely changed my buying habits a lot recently so I'm not buying something just because it's cheap. Although I will still buy something if it's close enough if it saves a lot of money.

    So sad that blouse is old...'cause I really want it now :( At least it's old so that means I can't buy Also that bracelet and the clutch are amazing,

  8. You look SO BEAUTIFUL! I love you in this hat. And these pictures by the water just look so dreamy. To be honest, I don't think much about where my clothes come from. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a horrible person. I feel like it's such a hard battle to fight. Just like back when everyone complained Nike used child labor... it's still one of the top brands in the world, you know what I mean!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love that you were able to take that dress and turn it into a skirt. See, you're getting use out of your clothes instead of just running out and buying something new. That, to me, is one way to combat the "fast fashion" mentality. Wear what you have! Sure, it may not be EXACTLY what's in the stores right now, but you already have it and it will be close enough. At least, that's what I'm trying to think about when I get the urge to buy more stuff.

  10. well, here in Estonia we don't even have an H&M store so this should say it all :P but I agree, it's so pointless to pay quite high price for things that are actually crap, to be completely honest. I always try to avoid things with full price because a month later those things are -70% or -50% cheaper and keeping in touch with fashion is not important at all. so actually my biggest favourites are thrift stores since those allow us to save money and environment at the same time. and I believe everything starts from a single person. and when there are many of those persons then things CAN change and get better. but when everyone thinks one person doesn't matter then yes, nothing can happen.
    anyway, you're rocking a maxi skirt again! and combining it with a denim jacket and a fancy hat. that's pretty fabulous and how awesome is your thrifted clutch! I'm just always amazed by your bags' collection! oh and hats and maxi skirts are definitely your things ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. You look so pretty! Love both of your hats and that gorgeous clutch! The lake is such a beautiful spot for photos! I like what you're trying to do by not shopping at places that have bad track records. I'd love to do that too but I feel like it's such an overwhelming thing. I wouldn't know where to start!
    P.S. Good to know you love the Walking Dead as much as I do!!

  12. It was interesting reading about your shopping philosophy. I have to agree, I stopped buying trendy fashion in favor for more classic pieces that will last. That was awful what happened in Bangladesh, I watched a documentary on BBC about the ill conditions as well as child labour there and in China. it was terrible. I don't know much about Walmart (we don't have it here) but any company that misuses its employees should be boycotted. Onto you stunning look, maxi skirts suit you so beautifully, adore this animal print one and I loved the pic without the jacket, it shows off how pretty the top is and that striking belt, Great look!

  13. i call your look casual elegance! katie, no need to apologize for what comes from your heart. i have wrestled with this topic in my mind as well. it's definitely sad, and complex. that's why i prefer to buy my clothes thrifted. i've thought walmart was the spawn of satan for years. in fact my guy and i boycotted them. it was for a long while, months, years? i can't remember. then we started shopping there again because he said teddi, all the grocery stores and chains treat their employees bad. it just makes me sad. i wish our world was a kinder and less greedy place.

  14. love the jacket! I wear mine all the time, too.

    I've been having this struggle lately as well. At the moment, my solution is that I get most of my clothes through goodwill, or swapping. But I do occasionally buy things at Marshalls, and I feel guilty about that--even though those clothes come from other retailers, many of them are still not made under good conditions, I am sure. And even with sites like modcloth and ruche, that I'd view as a once a year splurge, stock things from a huge mixture of places, many of which aren't what I'd like to support. It is hard, because I have such a tight budget, but I really don't want to shop at places like forever 21 anymore. For now, when I can't really afford new things made in a way I would like, I think thrifting is my best bet.

    Also, I've noticed this new site called Faire Jour popping up lately--the dresses are really lovely, and they are absolutely all US made. Not in my budget right now, but definitely something to think about.

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  16. This skirt looks incredible on you, Katie! I love how you altered it and it makes your legs look a million miles long. And again, this jacket is perfect. Wear it every single day.

    I'm with you on the fast fashion thing. I've been thinking a lot about it lately, and I really want to be more of a conscious shopper. I always hate myself when I buy things from places like Forever 21 and they don't last long anyway. I'd rather buy items I know are made well and from places who don't treat their employees badly.

  17. Love this whole look, top to bottom.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always like hearing feeback! (It really makes my day!)