Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watch the Ice Float By

American Eagle Outfitters Denim Jacket
Old Navy Dress
Seychelles Boots
Great Northwest Hat
Leather Handbag (no label-thrifted)
Thrifted Cuff, AE Spike Bangles, Icing Ring and Necklace

After talking about the warm bit of weather we got, the temps dropped down the teens the other morning.  Brrr, that was a cold awakening, it's a little misrable to still be dealing with the cold weather when at this point in the spring, we're enjoying temps in the high 70s to low 80s. Oh well, at least it managed to warm up to 40.  (We're suppose to get snow this week, I'm just not very pleased about that.)  The ice is mostly all gone from the Chena River but the little sloughs are still in the middle of breaking up, it's strange to watch the ice chunks float by and see how much faster the river's gotten in just a few days.

I didn't wear this outfit for very long yesterday, we were doing a bunch of painting so it was old jeans and a tee shirt for me.  It was nice to change out of them, I feel like I've been so grimy the past few days but at the same time, is so nice doing the outside work and stuff again.  It's productive and it's great to step back, see your work and be like "Yeah, I did that."

I'm sure everyone is sick and tired of seeing this jacket but it's really become my light weight jacket that I grab on my way out the door.  (Good grief, I'm turning into high-school me, wearing denim jacket all of the time!  At least I'm not trying to match my denims now.)  I do think I needed to belt this dress, it looks just a little sloppy without one and yikes, note to self - sports bras do not work with everything. Definitely not pretty dresses.


  1. The eyelet dress looks great with the denim jacket. I would love to see pics of high-school Katie in her matching denims! ;) Yay for some work time outdoors, boo to the possibility of snow.

  2. Nope, I'm not sick of this jacket :p I was excited to see this jacket again! It looks great with that dress--and I have a similar one. I can't to wear it with a denim vest...or maybe a denim jacket. although I really wish I had that denim jacket. I love it!

    Anyways...sry about the cold :( It was in the 40s until today so I can relate!

  3. Ooh, nothing more summery than a light white dress and denim jacket! So pretty Katie :)
    Sounds like you've been busy. Nothing more satisfying than stepping back and knowing you accomplished it though!

    Trendy Teal

  4. Oh wow, this dress is from Old Navy? I have to get my hands on one, it's amazing! You look fantastic in white and I just love the cut of this dress. That green necklace looks awesome with it as well. And again, the jacket = perfect.

  5. I instantly knew that dress was from Old Navy! Those eyelet ones they have right now are too cute. And perfect for your style. But, yes, I agree; no more sports bras with pretty dresses :-)

  6. Denim jacket is worth the money you spent.. you will have a lot of wear and its a classic. I bought mine last year and since I know I will use it a lot, I decided to splurge on it and true enough, I wear it with everything! AE is a good brand, they make good stuff, I also love their jeans, fit so well!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  7. that is one very fabulous white eyelet dress. another darling hat on you. wear your jacket proudly. it's better than having to wear a winter coat. right? is the painting done? ;)

  8. Gorgeous lighting in these pictures! You look so summery and pretty in this white eyelet dress. I love the jean jacket paired with it too.

  9. Eyelet/lace dress, a closet staple :) I know what you mean about painting/feeling grimy, we're doing some furniture and I get sick of wearing my painting/sanding clothes too :P


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