Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twirl that skirt

Old Nave Tee
Silk Skirt (thrifted)
Steve Madden Heels (second hand on ebay)
Coach Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Jewelry - a mixture of thrifted, vintage silver, AE and Icing

I bought this skirt last spring and while I loved it, I just never wore it because the length scared me and I just didn't know how to wear it.  (Hint, put it on Katie.  Tada!)  I know this isn't the most original styling ever but it shows how much my personal style has evolve, to the point where I feel comfortable wearing a just above ankle length skirt.  (I have issues with both my ankles and being short, it's just a lot trickier to pull things like awkward skirt lengths off if you have cankles and stumpy short legs.)

Yikes, looking back, this seems a bit negative.  I really just mean to say I've grown more comfortable with my style choices and dressing outside of what might be appropriated as "flattering for my type" and I'm really happy I did buy these skirt because it's pretty.  And fun to walk it.  And darn if the color doesn't look nice in photos. (Because isn't that what's it's all about, stuff looking good in pictures?)

Loooook, green leaves.  I know, I got all physicked up today because all of the leaves are starting to come out now, seeing all of the greenery sure makes a difference.  It just seemed like summer was never going to come this year and it's pretty awesome to be having temps in the 80s and seeing the grass and flowers starting to grow.


  1. Oooh, I just really love the longer hemlines on you Katie! I know you think you have short legs so the maxi length doesn't help, but I think it makes you look positively statuesque!
    Plus, your pretty Aztec-like jewelry is just plain gorgeous. Goes with your skirt color perfectly!
    Ah man, I know, we all start to get critical on ourselves and it comes out sounding so awful, doesn't it? Glad you're more comfortable with your body shape though!

    Trendy Teal

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  3. It's very hard to break from your comfort zone, so you did a fiiine job :P
    I love how you styled the skirt with a simple, yet lovely t-shirt. Love love love!

  4. Looks amazing ,love the Skirt ,great Color!

    Lovely Greetings :)

  5. I sometimes think I wear whatever I like and then I realize that I limit my choices according to what fits my body type. I'm still not convinced that that's ok, especially when reading about you evolving past it. Why wouldn't people wear whatever they like...

    That skirt is just phenomenal, I love the color!! And those heels... I want those heels.:)

  6. wow, it's such a gorgeous skirt (the colour, shape, everything) and it looks amazing with your red hair. super amazing. oh and I think your hair looks especially cute like this. suits so well!
    your talk about that maxi skirt made me think about myself and my maxi dresses (3 of those) and the fact I actually haven't styled any of them but they're all beautiful (and thrifted). so I think I should also do something about it and get out of my comfort zone!
    by the way, your jewellery is once again beyond gorgeous. so many pieces but so perfect together.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. great outfit :) You've really defined your style over the last year! this is very you :)

  8. I think it's interesting how we can look at ourselves in something and think we don't look amazing but then other people see us in something and think we look great. This skirt, for example. My first thought was, "That skirt is amazing on her! Love it with the t-shirt, too." And then you go and say you were afraid of it. No need to be!

  9. Gorgeous skirt - it's a lovely length and color on you, so glad you got around to wearing it. :) Your hair looks great and I'm in love with your earrings! It's funny to me that we often limit ourselves in regards to style and clothing types but once we break some rules, we figure out they were pretty arbitrary!

  10. I haven't tried Old Navy in a long time for t-shirts. I need to because I really like the cut/fit of this one. Cute look!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  11. I know I've definitely gone out of my comfort/flattering zone (funny I almost wrote fattering instead of flattering...haha I guess that's kind of true with some of the less fitted clothes I wear!) I just love your jewelry so much! I love turquoise and I love how you can wear so much jewelry and it looks so cool!

  12. I'm very inspired by this post Katie because I have the exact same phobia of just above the ankle skirts. I have a grey wool one that's actually one of the items in my 'island of misfit clothes' I haven't got to yet. My insecurity is my pretty average-size feet looking really long against my super skinny ankles. Aren't women funny like that. The plus is that great way to show off some fantastic footwear!

  13. I think you look great in this long skirt. The simple styling really lets the skirt shine. Plus that shade of blue looks gorgeous with your hair color! I always shy away from long hemlines because I'm so short, so I definitely understand the reservations about maxi skirts. This one looks good on you though!

  14. do you know how gorgeous you are? these photos show it. the color the style.


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