Monday, May 27, 2013

The Way Back Home

Fred Meyer Scarf and Tights
Gap Leather Jacket (thrifted)
J.Crew Top (second hand via ebay)
Shorts (thrifted five years ago)
Seychelles Boots
Silver and Moonstone Ring (vintage, via garage sale years ago)

These pictures are actually from last week when it was still a little chillier and the little slough was still fairly frozen over.  It and the Chena River are really high now thanks to our sudden heat, many of the villages up along the Yukon and Tanana River have been threatened with flooding this past week but it seems like pretty much everyone dodged the bullet.  (Flooding is a huge problem every year along those river, Eagle was actually destroyed a few years back and the village is just now almost rebuilt so I'm really happy for them they didn't have to go through that again this year.)

It's my boots that I love so much again.  Seriously, I should write a love song about these boots, they're that wonderful. (And as long as I'm not actually singing, no one should be too offended.)  I just discovered Five Finger Death Punch(what's wrong with me?) and their cover of Bad Company is so freaking awesome, I can't help but sing along on my nightly runs.  So now I'm that crazy girl who runs at night, takes pictures of her clothes and sings along to Kansas, The Offspring and Five Finger Death Punch.  I'm pretty sure the neighbors will be really happy when we move. (At least their ears will be.)


  1. Wowza Katie!!! You look incredible, this is an ultra sexy outfit. Its so great to see this side of your style. The shorts look terrific on you and I like the simpler styling in the same colour scheme. The scarf is so pretty as well. You're moving?!

  2. yay! Shorts and tights :) my favorite! and the texture is really cool. And Bad Company? I heard the original on The Young Riders and I freaking love that song! And now I love the Five Finger Death Punch cover! I still like the original better just 'cause that's the version I heard first, but I LOVE the style of FFDP!

  3. If you can sing and run at the same time you are in fantastic shape! 0_o Haha, and Five Finger Death Punch? You're only now discovering them? :P Hehe, they're actually one of the bands I like. That song is totally one to work out too!
    I'm loving these shorts you're rocking Katie, the texture and cuffs are so cute. Plus, you should totally write a love song about these wedges. They deserve one!

    Trendy Teal

  4. I also like the texture of your fabulous black shorts. and how good those shorts are together with the leather jacket and your favourite studded booties! such a fierce ensemble, Katie! but sometimes it really takes only a scarf and a gorgeous ring to add colour to an all-black look.
    btw, I really hope the nature over there in Alaska will become green SOON! I will try to post my "green photos" as soon as possible to show you our actual situation here in Estonia.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. I'm not usually a fan of shorts and tights but I LOVE this outfit and want to figure out when I could wear it in my own life. All the black with the different textures just makes it look like a classy rockstar look!

  6. tights under shorts: always a good idea. and it looks wonderful on you.

    Also, I'll send up good vibes for your warmer weather. Today, we have our first warm day in a long, looong time. I know the feeling of hating the cold and wanting the spring to arrive.


  7. Cute cute pairing of a wicked pair of shorts with a leather jacket and sheer patterned tights. This is a great outfit. Relieved to hear folks dodged the flooding!

  8. These boots are so so cool! I wish I had a pair like them. The detailing is wonderful on them. I really like your shorts paired with the leather jacket too. Edgy and cute!

  9. i heard about five fingered death punch, about 5 years ago, but i don't know what bad company cover of which you speak. i do dig bad company. their behind the music was AWESOME. oh and those boots. i want them too. i say write the love song.


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