Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outfit Under $40 Challenge

Old Navy Top ($6.49)
American Eagle Jeans (14.99)
Sears Necklace ($7.89)
Vintage Silver Cuff (thrifted - $5.00)
Franco Leather Sandals ($5.00)

Total: $39.37

Well, that's a simple outfit but boy, does it feel nice to release the toes from shoe prison and not have to wear a jacket everywhere.  It's so nice to finally have a little sunshine after that freak snowstorm.  Um, other than that, not much to say, just busy, busy, busy.  You know how it goes, winter seems like it drags forever and you have all of the time in the world and then spring time hits and bam, it's insanity time.

Hey, at least it's warm!


  1. Great casual Outfit! Love the Pictures ,the Light looks amazing ,the second Photo is my Favorite <3

    kisses :)

  2. wow what a great price for leather sandals! love that simple look and I'm glad for you the sunshine is finally with you!

  3. Haha shoe prison indeed! I'm enjoying baring my toes as well :)
    You certainly keep busy Katie, but true, good thing its warming up!
    I like how this simple outfit lets your necklace and shoes take center stage. Something about simplicity that just works the best.

    Trendy Teal

  4. Yay for sandals and ditching the jackets! So nice to see it's warmed up by you!

    The Tiny Heart
    Group Giveaway!

  5. Very cute! And under $40? Awesome! Haha shoe prison :p Funny 'cause I've only worn sandals once this year and I didn't even really like it :/ I do much prefer flats this year. Weird because I used to hate shoes so so much (basically shoe prison...). Yeah, I would go barefoot as much as possible!


  6. looks like snow has finally left the building in Alaska too ;) but you don't have the greenery yet. I hope you soon will though. we had a very hot weekend (+30 degrees C all the time) but now it's rainy again :( anyway, you're right about open shoes, it's fantastic to finally wear those and feel the warm air. your shoes are really cute btw and so is the denim outfit. once again goes really well with your hair.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Ugh, it seems like its finally gone! I still see piles of it under the trees but I think we're finally done with it and are moving on to summer now. It sounds like it's getting really nice over there for you, that rain can be a good thing! I know it gets really dry here during the summer and we end up with terrible wild fires so it's always great getting some rain.

  7. These photos are gorgeous - you look so pretty! I love this outfit! I don't think it's too simple at all - the way you've buttoned your shirt up and tucked it in, and that necklace and heels make it really interesting :)


  8. Are those your purple or your burgundy jeans? Either way, I really like them with the chambray top. And the sandals are the perfect addition of keeping it looking very spring-like.

    1. These are my AE burgundy jeans! (Heh, they look way more purple in the pictures though.) I think these jeans were one of my best purchases last year, the burgundy color just works with everything and it's fun playing around with different looks for them. I actually had a hat on earlier and ending up taking it off because it look a little costumey, sort of like some fakey-fake rancher.


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