Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh So Thrifty!

American Eagle Blouse (thrifted)
J.Crew Skirt (thrifted)
Coach Backpack (thrifted)
Minnetonka Leather Sandels (thrifted)
Turquoise Braclet (thrifted)
Wood Braclets (Various)
Icing Rings
American Eagle Earrings

It's an almost all thrifted outfit?  Ahh, if only it wasn't for those silly rings and the earrings....but how do you say no to a elephant ring?  I certainly can't.  I know I've mentioned it before but there's a special place in my heart for elephants, my godmother collected little elephant figurines and loved the animals so much.  I always think of her when I find little elephant items and what a wonderful and meaningful person she's been in my life.

We've been pretty active this spring, what with working on the new house and all of the fun stuff that goes along with that but we've almost done a better job of just getting out and doing stuff.  Ev's had such a crazy schedule the past few years and before that I worked crazy hours and none of our schedules lined up.  This year is quite a bit quieter so far and it's been really nice getting to spend more time with him.  We're all set to head down to Chitna for the yearly fishing trip in a few weeks and everyone's looking forward to that!  We had to buy a new tent today though, the old one finally bit the dust. I still need to go pick up the fishing licenses and start getting all of the gear ready though, it seems crazy the amount of things you need to take on a trip when you have kids.  when you're all on your own all you really need is some canned food, a sleeping bag and a tarp and you're good.  With kids, it's like preparing a army for war.  (And we still forget that silly can opener, everything single time.)

Um, I sort of got side tracked there.  We have been getting out quite a bit, today Ev had most of the day off so we took the kids a hiked up around the back of UAF's trails.  (Hiked is a bad word, the trails are so easy, it's more like gentle walking.)

I'm going to put up the next Alaska post tomorrow morning, I was going to try for tonight but I've reread it so many times now that my eyes are crossing and I'm typing Alaska as Aslka.   Huge thank you to Keit for keeping me on top of things! (You so rock.)


  1. I seriously want to see photos from the fishing trip! SERIOUSLY! Please make some! :-D
    Also, love the backpack and that comfy skirt!

    1. I will be sure to take lots of photos this year, I promise! (although we'll all be dirty and slimy but at least smell doesn't translate well in pictures!)

  2. I love when outfits end up being almost all thrifted! I love this skirt and top together. And that elephant ring is so cool--I didn't know that elephants were so special to you. But, that's very sweet that they bring back memories. One of my sisters used to be very obsessed with elephants and even had an elephant dress at one point.

    Haha, I know all too well how crazy it can be packing for camping with kids. Or even just packing for anywhere... It's like my family takes literally everything but the kitchen sink (but I take enough hand sanitizer to make up for that!)

  3. Hi Katie....of course you know how I love thrifting. Its a great feeling to thrift outfits; it makes sense for so many reasons.

    I always love your use of color; the way you pull nature into your color palette and then add beautiful accessories for visual interest. Of course, how can you say no to the elephant jewelry! How cute!

  4. That backpack! What an amazing thrift find!

  5. Looking forward to more Alaska posts. I love those! Your hair looks really pretty styled like this :)

  6. what an amazinh outfit, really wonderful thrift finds! would love to have thrift stores like these here. xx

  7. Isn't it awesome when you realize you thrifted (almost) an entire outfit? Its always the jewelry that gets me too. I can find everything else in a thrift store, but I always end up getting baubles at fast fashion joints.
    I'm loving this pretty AE polka dot blouse! As always, I just love the location you get to use. Its so natural and pretty - like you! ;)
    Also, not gonna lie, I really want to go camping this used to be a family tradition, but lately no one's got time. I'm considering asking for a couple days off so we can go again. Have fun on yours, and like Keit said, take lots of picture! :D

    Trendy Teal

  8. thrify! Yes! you go, girl :)

    sorry, I just get super excited whenever I hear about thrifting. it makes me all happy inside.

    and I love the turquoise ring with the navy and orange outfit. Fits so well. :D


  9. I am loving all of your summer looks so far! This top is such a great piece and I LOVE that backpack. And hey, mostly thrifted is still an accomplishment! Besides, that elephant ring is totally worth it.

  10. yeah, it's such a cute shirt with that pattern and the combo of white and blue. and your skirt! I have a similar one in the same colour (see that old post from 2011 here: nice coincidence, huh? ;) anyway, I just realized brown(ish) is such a lovely shade, especially during summer when we get tanned. oh and of course your accessories are worth mentioning as well (like always, hehe).
    btw, blogging is really hard these days since it's constantly +30 degrees C outside and the office and my house are boiling as well so my mind is also boiling.. I think you get the point ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. oh so pretty katie! hooray to a nearly all thrifted outfit, and reminders of your grandma. have fun camping and fishing with your family. :)


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