Sunday, May 12, 2013

May your past be the sound of your footsteps upond the ground

Great Northwest Hat
American Eagle Denim Jacket and Shirt
Gap skirt (thrifted)
Payless Shoes
Urban Vibe Necklace
Gold and Sapphire Band Ring
Icing Kissing Ponies Ring
Leather Handbag (no label-thrifted)

I gotta start shaking it up with the handbags, I've been using this one constantly the past few weeks. (So either I'm lazy or it is that versatile )  I think it needs a good cleaning though,  Izzy got stuck in a foot and half of mud in the garden and I had to wade out, pull her out and then dig her little shoes out. At least I was practical and took my shoes off before wading out.  

It's kind of crazy stupid how therapeutic taking pictures of your outfit can be.  This blog is my hobby  and its a small part of my life but man, taking pictures on a bad day can really help.  Just the process of getting the camera out, looking at my surroundings with new eyes and trying to be a little creative really does do wonders for my mindset.  It's like, okay, life is alright.  Its not the worst and there's good stuff in the future, work towards it and breathe.  And I am really happy to see that I've mostly figured out this lens, it makes me happy to see that something that was once so difficult for me is now fairly easy with a little bit of work.  If that's not a life lesson wrapped up in a pretty bow, I don't know what is.

And really, how can I not be happy with photobombs like this?

Who's the cutest little dude in the world?  This guy.

And really Fun?  You irritate me and you can't play live worth beans but that line is a gem. (S)o there's the disclaimer, the title is thanks to the band Fun.)


  1. Love the little details of this outfit, like the embellishment on the front of your shirt and the stitching on the back of your jacket. Your photo-bomber is adorable! :)

  2. I don't like Fun much either, for some reason they just sound meh to my ears. And haha aww that little guy is the cutest-i love his panda hat! and i LOVE your bone necklace- i had one just like it and last it like 3 years ago and never got over it :( and i sometimes feel that way with taking pictures too; it just takes your mind off of the dull/bad things in life and puts it onto your hobby :)

    PS thank you for the awesome comment on my blog! It's amazing to know I have a few people out there that genuinely enjoy my blog and writing :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Love the pictures!! Super cute hat.

  4. Woah I really like the cool print on the back of your jean jacket. It's such a cool twist to a regular denim jacket. And I love all the blue and neutral colors in this outfit, it's all so pretty. Hahah that last picture is so cute! And i'm so glad to hear that taking pictures is therapeutic for you; your pictures are REALLY good and just keeps getting better!

    And by the way, thanks for that last part. I read your post title and I was like urrrghhh it sounds so familiar but I can't remember who sang that. haha it was going to drive me crazy if I didn't find out.

    1. I almost forgot! The printed maxi skirt from the post is from Alice+Olivia :)

  5. beautiful outfit!! and he is adorable!!!


  6. yes, like everyone else already said, another cool outfit from you. there's just something about the combo of denim, white and a hat.. something cool, like I said :P and it really suits you so well. and it suits with your hair too! by the way, I'm always amazed by your jewellery. that necklace and those rings are really pretty.
    oh and I'm glad things are looking better for you. time just changes things and after bad always comes good :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Therapeutic is the best word I would describe blogging experience. It's gives you such satisfaction, especially taking the photos like you said and seeing your progress ^_^
    I'm in love with that jacket, it's official! :D

  8. Your top is the icing on the cake that is this outfit. The lace design makes it so much more interesting than just a plain cream blouse. I don't suppose it's a recent purchase, is it?

    Also, fun seems to write some pretty good lines. I hope someday someone re-does their songs. My favorite line is "My head is on fire, but my legs are fine."

    1. I bought the top a while ago but it looks like it's still in stores. (I didn't see it on the website.) I really do love this one, it's nice to have a sheer top that's nice for layering and it ended up being the exact type of top I'd been looking. (Something light with some detail and easy to layer.) And you're so right, they just not the best but Fun does have a way with the catchy lyrics!

  9. Haha yes! Fun irritates me too because I LOVED Nate's old band The Format, they were unheard of and perfect. Now he sold out and isn't using his talent to the full potential in this new gig... That song is pretty catchy sometimes though :) I like the lyrics.
    I love your blouse so much and that denim jacket is so fun with the print on the back. Plus, I love the photobombing :)

  10. 1. Your ability to walk along the beach/rocky/fieldy area in heels amazes me.

    2. I can't believe you're not a natural redhead. It looks like it grows in that way, like you have freckles I'm just not seeing.

    3. I love how it looks like you have on a cute, regular jean jacket and then BAM, you turn around and it's a whole new world.


  11. boo to the mud! hooray to taking pictures and cheering up a bad day. your little guy is adorable.

  12. Yay, more denim jacket! The lace underneath it is just darling. Can I just say, I love how hats look on you. I am so determined to find a hat that looks good on me, but they really all look good on you.

    Also, he's SO cute!!

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  14. OMg, I must have that jacket! I thought it was just a jean jacket until I saw the's awesome!!! And the hat's pretty cool too. You just look so pretty in these photos too! And you're almost smiling!! yay!
    yeah, I don't really like Fun. either, but that line is pretty awesome!

  15. Haha, I know, I personally don't care much for Fun's music, but that new song has some catchy lyrics...
    Love that denim jacket and your pretty heels Katie!
    Also, I think you should do a photography post telling us how you get your ideas and just tips in general :)

    Trendy Teal

  16. Thanks for settling that! I was debating going to see Fun who's playing in Ottawa this summer. It's always a toss-up when a band only has 2 songs you know, but I think I've save the cash.

    This IS a cute photobomb. Love it! Also love your swingy skirt paired with platform sandals.


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